demonstration of an alpha2-macroglobulin receptor in human fibroblasts, absent in tumor-derived cell lines. 197987392
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
alpha-fetoprotein as a carrier protein in plasma and its bilirubin-binding ability.the bilirubin-binding ability of human alpha-fetoproteins, which were purified from fetal cord serum and from ascites fluid of a hepatoma-bearing patient, was examined by the difference spectrum and the jacobsen peroxidase methods. the difference spectrum observed as a result of the specific binding of bilirubin to alpha-fetoprotein had a maximum at 482 nm, and this pattern was quite similar to that observed for serum albumin. the result obtained by the difference spectrum method showed that 1 m ...197989900
transcription and translation in a pleiotropic streptomycin-resistant mutant of escherichia coli.the role of the ribosomal protein s12 (streptomycin protein) in ribosome function and in other metabolic processes in the cell has been investigated. a spontaneous streptomycin-resistant strain of escherichia coli (sm3) carrying a mutation in the rpsl gene is deficient in its ability to induce the synthesis of the enzyme bets-galactosidase. it was demonstrated that the reduced rate of enzyme synthesis results from deficiencies in both the transcription of the lactose operon and translation of th ...1979104958
irs, hew threaten triple-a bonds. 1978152403
myelopathy associated with human t cell lymphotropic virus type 1 in a white european native to england. 19921392959
copulatory analgesia in male rats ensues from arousal, motor activity, and genital stimulation: blockage by manipulation and restraint.the effect of copulation on the vocalization threshold to tail shock (vtts) was assessed in freely-moving, sexually experienced, wistar male rats. mean vtts during the first copulation was 40% above the baseline values and slightly decreased during the first postejaculatory interval (pei; 28% above baseline). vtts mean values further increased during the second copulatory series (93% above baseline and 63% during the pei). testing at the same intervals in noncopulating rats did not induce analge ...19921594675
a weak adaptive response to alkylation damage in salmonella efficient adaptive response to alkylation damage was observed in several enterobacterial species, including klebsiella aerogenes, shigella sonnei, shigella boydii, escherichia alkalescens, escherichia hermanii, and escherichia fergusonii. increased o6-methylguanine-dna and methylphosphotriester-dna methyltransferase activities correlated with the induction of a 39-kda protein recognized by monoclonal antibodies raised against the escherichia coli ada protein. induced methyltransferase activit ...19912050626
isoenzymes of alcohol dehydrogenase in retinoid metabolism. 19902292955
effect of surfactant-associated protein-a (sp-a) on the activity of lipid extract surfactant.the properties of natural bovine surfactant and its lipid extract have been examined with a pulsating bubble surfactometer which assesses the ability of surfactant lipids to adsorb to the air/liquid interface and reduce the surface tension to near 0 dynes/cm during dynamic compression. studies conducted at 1 mg/ml phospholipid revealed that the surface activity (i.e., the ability to produce low surface tensions) of lipid extracts could be enhanced by incubating the sample at 37 degrees c for 120 ...19892713385
[new enterobacteriaceae found in medical bacteriology moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii, leclercia adecarboxylata, escherichia fergusonii, enterobacter asbutiae, rahnella aquatilis].characteristics of 6 "new" enterobacteriaceae species, occasionally isolated from human sources: moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii, leclercia adecarboxylata, escherichia fergusonii, rahnella aquatilis, enterobacter asburiae are described and compared with those of closely related species.19892742218
relationship between concentration and anticonvulsant effect of phenytoin against electroshock-induced seizures in rats: comparison of sampling sites for concentration determinations.the purpose of this investigation was to determine the optimum sampling site for phenytoin concentration measurements in the context of pharmacodynamic studies of the anticonvulsant effect of phenytoin. determination of drug concentrations in the serum, serum water, brain, and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) of rats as a function of time after iv injection of a 6-mg/kg dose revealed a significant disequilibrium between brain and serum water for 15 min and between csf and serum water for 5 min after in ...19892760817
interaction between bambuterol and physostigmine: aspects on cholinesterase inhibition and neuromuscular transmission in the smooth and skeletal muscles of the guinea-pig.bambuterol, the bis-dimethyl carbamate prodrug of terbutaline, and physostigmine were examined with respect to their ability to interfere with the neuromuscular transmission in an isolated vagus nerve-trachea preparation, a phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparation and the transmurally stimulated extensor digotorum longus (edl) isolated from the guinea-pig. physostigmine increased the contractile response of the trachea to stimulation of the vagus nerve. bambuterol had an opposite effect in this respe ...19882848230
functional heterogeneity of intestinal escherichia coli strains expressing type 1 somatic pili (fimbriae): assessment of bacterial adherence to intestinal membranes and surface hydrophobicity.although the role of host-specific, nonmannose-sensitive pilus adhesins in the intestinal adherence of pathogenic escherichia coli is well established, a similar role for mannose-sensitive type 1 or common pili is less clear, since these structures can be expressed by most e. coli, even nonpathogens. we first examined whether type 1 pili, expressed by the rabbit-effacing, adherent, enteropathogenic e. coli strain rdec-1, mediated interactions with intestinal membranes of several species and comp ...19852863216
effect of catecholamine on aldosterone release in isolated rat glomerulosa cell suspensions.effect of adrenergic activity on the adrenal steroidogenesis and the modulation by catecholamines of aldosterone release were studied in isolated rat adrenal cell suspensions. isoproterenol, norepinephrine and epinephrine, but not dopamine, caused statistically significant increase in aldosterone release. both prazosin (alpha 1 antagonist) and yohimbine (alpha 2 antagonist) suppressed the norepinephrine-induced aldosterone release in a dose dependent manner, respectively. both atenolol (beta 1 a ...19872884548
pretranslational and posttranslational mechanisms for regulating beta-endorphin-adrenocorticotropin of the anterior pituitary lobe.stress-induced activation of secretion of acth and beta-endorphin (beta-end) from anterior lobe corticotrophs leads to both short term and longer term perturbation of the system. immediately following an acute stress session, the rate of translation of the acth/beta-end precursor proopiomelanocortin appears accelerated by 50% and the rate of conversion of the precursor into products is doubled. these changes appear to take place at the translational and posttranslational level and reflect a bett ...19863019643
pretranslational and posttranslational mechanisms for regulating beta-endorphin-adrenocorticotropin of the anterior pituitary lobe.stress-induced activation of secretion of acth and beta-endorphin (beta-end) from anterior lobe corticotrophs leads to both short term and longer term perturbation of the system. immediately following an acute stress session, the rate of translation of the acth/beta-end precursor proopiomelanocortin appears accelerated by 50% and the rate of conversion of the precursor into products is doubled. these changes appear to take place at the translational and posttranslational level and reflect a bett ...19863019643
calmodulin in porcine malignant hyperpyrexia.the anaesthetic complication malignant hyperpyrexia (mh) is due to an elevation of the myoplasmic ca2+ concentration. examination of calmodulin isolated from mh susceptible swine suggests that the disorder in calcium regulation in mh is not due to an abnormality in calmodulin.19873032704
specificity of membrane complement receptor type three (cr3) for beta-glucans.the binding of the ic3b receptor (cr3) to unopsonized zymosan was shown to result from cr3 attachment to cell wall beta-glucans. a specificity of neutrophil responses for beta-glucan was first suggested by a comparison of yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) cell wall components for stimulation of a neutrophil superoxide burst. neutrophils responded poorly to heat-killed yeast, but gave increasingly better responses to cell wall polysaccharides devoid of proteins (zymosan) and nearly pure beta-gluca ...19873040332
tolerance of pelvic normal tissues to hyperfractionated radiation therapy: results of protocol 83-08 of the radiation therapy oncology group.a prospective, centrally randomized phase i/ii trial of hyperfractionation in definitive radiation therapy for locally advanced squamous and transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder was conducted by the radiation therapy oncology group (rtog) from april 1983 through june 1986. patients with t3-4 and t2 n+ (ajc) histologically-confirmed cancer of the bladder received twice daily radiation therapy with 1.2 gy per fraction and a minimum of 4 hr between fractions. all patients received a whole pel ...19883058657
second-generation cephalosporins. 19863081544
extension of life span of rats by long-term (-)deprenyl treatment. 19883126392
interlaboratory comparison of antisera and immunoassays for benzo[a]pyrene-diol-epoxide-i-modified interlaboratory comparison of immunoassays using antisera elicited against benzo[a]pyrene-diol-epoxide-modified dna (bpde-i-dna) was carried out resulting in standardization of antisera, competitors and assay conditions. the assays used included competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) with color and fluorescence endpoint detection and an ultrasensitive enzyme radioimmunoassay (useria) with a radioactive endpoint. three different antisera were compared, two of which were obtaine ...19883133129
mucin in gall bladder bile of gall stone patients: influence of treatment with chenodeoxycholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid.the concentration of hexosamine, a marker for mucin, was determined and related to the degree of cholesterol saturation and to the occurrence of cholesterol crystals in gall bladder bile of gall stone patients (n = 40) and gall stone free subjects (n = 25). ten of the gall stone patients had been treated with chenodeoxycholic acid (cdca) and eight with ursodeoxycholic acid (udca) three to four weeks before cholecystectomy. the hexosamine content was significantly higher in gall stone patients (1 ...19883209106
lectin binding patterns of the human cornea. comparison of frozen and paraffin sections.twelve fitc-conjugated lectins were used to establish a reaction pattern with cellular and noncellular components in fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin sections of 11 normal human corneas. in frozen sections the epithelium demonstrated the most active lectin staining; keratocytes and endothelium stained to a lesser degree. of the noncellular components, the epithelial basement membrane and descemet's membrane of some of the tissues were stained most by phasolus vulgaris agglutinin (pha), p ...19883219860
novel oral vaccines: the effectiveness of cloned gene products on inducing secretory immune responses. 19873321939
[non-tuberculous infections of the spine].non tuberculous spondylodiscitis of the rachis is an uncommon entity that affects boys and male adults with greater frequency. the zone with higher incidence of affection is the lumbar region. usually the causal germ travels through the hematogenous via from an extrarachidial infectious area. clinical manifestations begin with an acute segmentary rachialgia and paravertebral muscular contracture while presenting fever. in special cases of little boys or when having radiated pain, the presenting ...19873333891
ocular toxoplasmosis in immunosuppressed nonhuman investigate the role of cellular immunodeficiency in recurrent toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis, six cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis) with healed toxoplasmic lesions of the retina were immunosuppressed by total lymphoid irradiation. three months prior to irradiation 30,000 toxoplasma gondii organisms of the beverley strain had been inoculated onto the macula of eye in each monkey via a pars plana approach. toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis developed in each animal, and lesions were allowed t ...19883372160
a survey of the aerobic bacteria in the feces of captive raptors.feces of 47 captive raptors belonging to the order falconiformes or strigiformes were cultured for bacteria. gram-negative bacteria, which were cultured from the feces of 45 of the 47 raptors, were the most common isolates. a wide variety of species were identified, including a newly described genus (moellerella wisconsensis), two newly described species (escherichia fergusonii and proteus penneri), and a member of a newly described enteric group (cdc enteric group 41). additional organisms iden ...19883382380
automated measurement of kidney lysosomes by light microscopy. influence of cyclosporine treatment.after staining for acid phosphatase, video images were acquired from 1-micron sections of the kidneys of rats treated with cyclosporine. automated segmentation of the lysosomes was followed by measurements of their area, number and optical density; tubular area was delineated manually. in addition to small lysosomes, representing more than 80% of the total number, all kidneys contained a second population of larger organelles. cyclosporine treatment with 50 mg/kg/day for one week and with 25 mg/ ...19883390291
evidence for a lecithin-retinol acyltransferase activity in the rat small intestine.cellular retinol-binding protein, type ii (crbp (ii] is an abundant protein of the mature enterocytes of the small intestine. it has been shown to direct retinol to an acyl-coa-independent esterifying activity that utilizes an endogenous acyl donor (ong, d.e., kakkad, b., and macdonald, p.n. (1987) j. biol. chem. 262, 2729-2736). here we report that this activity in intestinal microsomes will catalyze the transfer of acyl moieties from exogenous phosphatidylcholine (pc) to retinol-crbp(ii) to pr ...19883410848
canine distemper virus in seals. 19883419515
experimental evaluation of the mitroflow pericardial heart valve prosthesis. part ii. pathologic examination.the results of the morphologic and histopathologic examination of 37 bovine pericardial heart valve prostheses that were retrieved after experimental implantation in chacma baboons for periods of one to twelve months are presented in this study. the implanted prostheses consisted of 33 mitroflow valves, size 21 mm, that belonged to four different groups according to the method of preparation of the pericardium (process i to iv) and 4 commercially available ionescu-shiley valves, size 19 mm. all ...19883421507
[risk of infection by hepatitis b virus in hospital personnel and naturally acquired immunity]. 19863494267
dexamethasone pre-treatment is antipyretic toward polyinosinic: polycytidylic acid, lipopolysaccharide and interleukin 1/endogenous pyrogen.the effect of intravenously injected dexamethasone on the febrile response of rabbits to polyinosinic: polycytidylic acid (poly i:c), lipopolysaccharide (lps) and interleukin 1/endogenous pyrogen (il1/e.p.) was studied. dexamethasone (1 mg/kg) attenuated the febrile response to poly i:c (5 micrograms/kg) but only if administered between 0.5 to 2 h before poly i:c. if it was given after poly i:c this resulted in a potentiation of the fever. antagonism of the febrile response to poly i:c by dexame ...19873495738
myocardial uptake of drugs and clinical effects.the process of uptake of cardioactive drugs into the myocardium is a major determinant of the efficacy and potential toxicity of such agents. evaluation of responses to anti-arrhythmic and positive inotropic agents is best performed with reference to their concentration in the myocardium, and the potential toxicity of drugs such as tricyclic antidepressants and anthracycline antineoplastics is likely to be related to peak myocardial drug concentrations. although it has been appreciated for many ...19863536255
interaction of the formed elements of blood with the coronary vasculature in vivo.considerable attention is being given to the interactions that occur among blood platelets, neutrophils, and the vascular endothelium. there is an increasing awareness that the various blood elements interact in the process of thrombus formation and vascular occlusion. in addition, interactions among these cells can lead to the formation and release of vasoactive substances that have the potential to modulate regional blood flow. this review focuses on the coronary vascular bed and an assessment ...19873542578
[proliferative activity of experimental brain tumors].the method of autoradiography was used to study the parameters of the cell cycle and the intensity of proliferative processes in three transplantable rat brain tumors differing in the duration of the latent period and sensitivity to chemotherapy. the tumors were found to be similar in the duration of the cell cycle and its phases, the mean values of the label index and growth fraction, and were characterized by the irregularity of the proliferative processes within the tumor; the label index was ...19873564792
membranous glomerulonephropathy in childhood.membranous glomerulonephropathy (mgn) in south african black and mixed race children with the nephrotic syndrome is much commoner than in first-world countries. in this survey of 388 nephrotic children mgn was found in 51.9% of black and 20.9% of mixed race boys, and 25% of black and 5.6% of mixed race girls respectively, but was not present in 53 white and asiatic nephrotic children. aetiological or associated factors were documented in 84%: hepatitis b virus infection in 73%, congenital syphil ...19873603311
membranous glomerulonephropathy in childhood.membranous glomerulonephropathy (mgn) in south african black and mixed race children with the nephrotic syndrome is much commoner than in first-world countries. in this survey of 388 nephrotic children mgn was found in 51.9% of black and 20.9% of mixed race boys, and 25% of black and 5.6% of mixed race girls respectively, but was not present in 53 white and asiatic nephrotic children. aetiological or associated factors were documented in 84%: hepatitis b virus infection in 73%, congenital syphil ...19873603311
inactivation of de novo dna methyltransferase activity by high concentrations of double-stranded dna.the activity of eukaryotic dna methyltransferase diminishes with time when the enzyme is incubated with high concentrations (200-300 micrograms/ml) of unmethylated double-stranded micrococcus luteus dna. under similar conditions, single-stranded dna induces only a limited decrease of enzyme activity. the inactivation process is apparently due to a slowly progressive interaction of the enzyme with double-stranded dna that is independent of the presence of s-adenosyl-l-methionine. the inhibited en ...19873676327
effect of ventromedial hypothalamic stimulation on blood flow of brown adipose tissue in rats.the changes in regional blood flows to the rat's interscapular brown adipose tissue and several other tissues during electrical stimulation of the ventromedial hypothalamus (vmh) were studied using radioactively labelled microspheres. measurement of blood flow was carried out, along with monitoring heart rate, under anesthesia and at thermoneutrality. during vmh stimulation the heart rate was clearly augmented and cardiac output increased about 45%. regional blood flows were significantly increa ...19873684509
[3h]pirenzepine and (-)-[3h]quinuclidinyl benzilate binding to rat cerebral cortical and cardiac muscarinic cholinergic sites. ii. characterization and regulation of antagonist binding to putative muscarinic subtypes.studies show [3h]pz identified selectively a subpopulation of muscarinic binding sites compared to classical antagonists like (-)-[3h]qnb in many central and peripheral tissues. we characterized the binding and regulation of selected antagonists to high-affinity [3h]pz (putative m1) and low-affinity pz (putative m2) sites in rat cerebral cortex (predominantly m1) and heart (predominantly m2). saturation isotherms of [3h]pz and (-)-[3h]qnb were performed under various conditions. guanyl-5'-yl-imi ...19863754581
spinal and supraspinal mechanisms for morphine-pentobarbital antinociceptive interaction in relation to cardiac acceleration response in rat experiments, morphine-pentobarbital antinociceptive interaction affecting cardiac acceleration in response to somatic noxious stimulation was analyzed with the use of intrathecal and intracerebroventricular injections of morphine. cardiac acceleration response was induced by tail compression, and heart rate was monitored by electrocardiogram. pentobarbital, in a subanesthetic intravenous dose, antagonized the antinociceptive effect of morphine in relation to cardiac acceleration response ...19863754702
response of dogs to challenge with ancylostoma ceylanicum during the tenure of a primary hookworm infection.a model of human hookworm infection has been developed which shows that dogs currently infected with small numbers of hookworms are considerably resistant to a challenge infection with a large inoculum of infective larvae. two groups of dogs were infected with 500 larvae and four weeks after infection one group together with a previously uninfected control group were infected with 5,000 larvae and followed for six weeks. when compared with the secondary infection control dogs, faecal egg excreti ...19863798534
phase shift of daily profiles of n-acetyltransferase in the rat pineal gland.pineal n-acetyltransferase activity (nat) has a circadian rhythm with peak values in the dark time and low values in the light time. nat time profiles were measured in rats exposed to ld 14:10, to constant dark, and to acute (less than 48 hr) light-dark treatments. in all experiments, imposition of light suppressed nat. the phase of the dark time nat cycle was altered 2 hr or less by the following treatments: 3 hr light in the early subjective night, 3 hr light in the late subjective night, 2 hr ...19853831309
protein loss of bovine dental enamel during in-vitro subsurface demineralization.a chemical system based on the dialysis principle was used to study protein loss of dental enamel during demineralization with an acetic-acid buffer solution containing calcium and phosphate, in which the fluoride-ion activity was kept constant. this resulted in a subsurface lesion, with a depth of about 130 microns. after demineralization, protein material was isolated from the demineralization solution. u.v. spectra of the protein showed strong absorbance between 240 and 300 nm. amino-acid com ...19853865639
variation in activities of non-plasmin fibrinolytic proteinase and plasminogen-activator in the lung and spleen induced by bacterial endotoxin in rats with special reference to the effects of md-805.the behavior of direct fibrinolytic (non-plasmin) proteinase activity and plasminogen-activator activity in the lung and spleen was investigated in rats after a single intravenous injection of bacterial endotoxin, and the influence of thrombin inhibitors on the effects of the endotoxin was assessed. the non-plasmin fibrinolytic activity was markedly increased following a decrease of plasminogen-activator in the lung. in addition, variations in hematological parameters, i.e. a decrease of platele ...19853901390
ixodid tick attacks on man in israel: medical implications.various species of ixodid ticks that have been recorded to attack man were surveyed, and boutonneuse fever caused by rickettsia conorii, which is transmitted in israel by rhipicephalus sanguineus s.l., is reviewed. only in one case were a complement fixation test and exact determination of the species of the tick performed. tick toxicosis and tick paralysis are discussed, and the possibility of human babesiosis and lyme disease or erythema chronicum migrans appearing in israel is considered.19863957641
escherichia fergusonii and enterobacter taylorae, two new species of enterobacteriaceae isolated from clinical specimens.escherichia fergusonii (formerly known as enteric group 10) and enterobacter taylorae (formerly known as enteric group 19) are proposed as new species in the family enterobacteriaceae. by dna hybridization (32p, 60 degrees c, hydroxyapatite), strains of e. fergusonii were 90 to 97% related to the type strain (holotype) atcc 35469. they were most closely related to escherichia coli and more distantly related to species in other genera. e. fergusonii strains are positive for indole production, met ...19853968204
metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis.nontraumatic clostridial infections are rare, but need to be diagnosed and treated early or high morbidity and mortality rates result. we believe that this is the first reported case of metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis. early treatment with surgical debridement and parenteral antibiotics without hyperbaric oxygen was used. an associated occult rectal malignancy was discovered and treated.19853980945
energy dependence of lung phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis studied with co hypoxia.the energy dependence of lung phosphatidylcholine (pc) biosynthesis was evaluated by measuring incorporation of radiolabeled precursor substrates by the isolated perfused lung during carbon monoxide (co)-induced hypoxia. ventilation with gases containing 75 or 90% co (plus 5% o2 and 5% co2) resulted in a mean decrease of lung atp content by 29 and 53%, respectively, and a significant decrease of [u-14c]glucose incorporation into free fatty acids and the fatty acyl moiety of lung pc. [9,10-3h]pal ...19854014459
a comparative examination of the in vitro metabolism of five cyclopenta[a]phenanthrenes of varying carcinogenic potential.metabolites of 15,16-dihydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthren-17-one and its 1- and 12-methyl homologues (all non-carcinogens) along with those from the 11-methyl and 11,12-dimethyl-17-ketones (carcinogens), produced in vitro by hepatic microsomes from methylcholanthrene induced rats, were separated by reverse phase h.p.l.c. identifications of individual metabolites were based upon elution times, u.v. spectra, and in some cases by mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, and identity with synthetic derivat ...19854017190
[microscopic study of the corneal epithelium based on intracellular turnover of fluorogenic substrates].the methods presently available for examination of the corneal epithelium by use of the ophthalmic slit lamp are more or less restricted to the detection and diagnosis of significant lesions and the morphological results of pathologic processes in the epithelial layer at relatively low magnification and optical resolution. there is an increasing demand, however, for early detection of initial damaging effects to the corneal epithelium by testing simple specific reactions at cell level. fluoresce ...19854068571
[on 2-benzolsulfonylamino-5(beta-methoxy-ethoxy)-pyrimidine (glycodiazine. v. in vitro and in vivo experiments on the action of phenylethylbarbituric acid (luminal) on the metabolism and blood sugar reducing effect of glycodiazine]. 19664228177
changes in adrenocortical function during aging in cattle. 19674289016
changes in adrenocortical function during aging in cattle. 19674289016
[acino-insular cells of the pancreas in the rat embryo]. 19704335973
[acino-insular cells of the pancreas in the rat embryo]. 19704335973
cyclic amp formation and thyroid secretion by isolated mouse thyroid lobes. 19724344238
preferred spike intervals in the vibration reflex. 19724539685
a serum inhibitor of leukotaxis in a child with recurrent infections. 19724554456
inhibition of gastric and duodenal proteases in the treatment of haemorrhage from peptic ulcer. i. an experimental study of bentonite and other protease inhibitors. 19724556144
[effect of enzyme concentration on the kinetic properties of "biosynthetic" l-threonine dehydratase from escherichia coli 12]. 19734578781
[history of the antiepidemic measures during the russo--turkish war of 1877-1878 (the organization of a health commission on the european front)]. 19744595140
intracellular ph and buffer curves of cardiac muscle in rats as affected by temperature. 19734730748
social facilitation and inhibition of hunger-induced killing by rats. 19734736892
aflatoxin and nitrogen balance in the young calf. 19734745450
[the effect of cocarboxylase on lymphocyte metabolism in newborn rats with experimental asphyxia]. 19734804642
some comparative effects of racemic methadone and its optical isomers in rodents. 19744828761
effect of previous injection of homologous embryonic tissue on the growth of certain transplantable mouse tumours. 19674862516
[unitary discharge of pontine reticular formation and phasic ponto-geniculo-occipital activity in the cat under reserpine]. 19694895788
the anatomical area of involvement in streptococcal infections and the carrier state. 19704918981
scientific contributions of wendell h. griffith to our understanding of the function of choline. 19714924310
[basic studies for discussion on the usefulness of milk acid bacteria for the human body. 3. mechanism of the antagonistic action of milk acid bacteria against enteric bacteria]. 19684975714
isolation of escherichia fergusonii from four different sites in a patient with pancreatic carcinoma and cholangiosepsis.escherichia fergusonii was isolated from a 69-year-old male with pancreatic carcinoma and cholangiosepsis from gallbladder fluid, three blood cultures, feces, and a superficial wound of the abdomen. biochemical reactions, antimicrobial susceptibility patterns, susceptibility to polyvalent phage 0-1, and rrna gene restriction analysis suggested that the four strains were of clonal origin. our data indicate that e. fergusonii possesses a pathogenic potential in humans.19938370751
confirmational identification of escherichia coli, a comparison of genotypic and phenotypic assays for glutamate decarboxylase and beta-d-glucuronidase.genotypic and phenotypic assays for glutamate decarboxylase (gad) and beta-d-glucuronidase (gud) were compared for their abilities to detect various strains of escherichia coli and to discriminate among other bacterial species. test strains included nonpathogenic e. coli, three major groups of diarrheagenic e. coli, three other non-coli escherichia species, and various other gram-negative and -positive bacteria found in water. the genotypic assays were performed with hybridization probes generat ...19968795225
[species of enterobacteria new to medicine].the paper presents main biological characteristics of six new species of enterobacteria, which may cause a number of infectious processes in man: moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii. leclercia adecarboxylata. escherichia fergusonii. rahnella aquatilis, enterobacter asburiae. the characteristics presented allow the bacteriologists of the laboratory of health services to isolate and to identify the above-mentioned enterobacteria.19969044705
isolation of escherichia fergusonii in cases clinically suggestive of salmonellosis. 199910358892
oligonucleotide probe for the visualization of escherichia coli/escherichia fergusonii cells by in situ hybridization: specificity and potential applications.there are several occasions when enumeration of escherichia coli cells is needed. these include examination of urine specimens and water or food samples. present methods rely on growth in more or less selective media (colony-forming units on agar or the most probable number method using liquid media). unfortunately, no really selective medium with 100% efficiency of plating is available for e. coli. a 24-mer oligonucleotide probe (colinsitu), complementary to a piece of 16s ribosomal ribonucleic ...200011037130
colicins produced by the escherichia fergusonii strains closely resemble colicins encoded by escherichia coli.plasmid dna of six escherichia fergusonii colicinogenic strains (three producers of colicin e1, two of ib and one of ia) was isolated and the colicin-encoding regions of the corresponding col plasmids were sequenced. two new variants of colicin e1, one of colicin ib, and one of colicin ia were identified as well as new variants of the colicin e1 and colicin ib immunity proteins and the colicin e1 lysis polypeptide. the recombinant escherichia coli producer harboring pcole1 from e. fergusonii str ...200211959446
cloning and sequencing of the beta-lactamase gene and surrounding dna sequences of citrobacter braakii, citrobacter murliniae, citrobacter werkmanii, escherichia fergusonii and enterobacter further identify the origins of plasmid-mediated cephalosporinases that are currently spreading worldwide, the chromosomal beta-lactamase genes of citrobacter braakii, citrobacter murliniae, citrobacter werkmanii reference strains and of escherichia fergusonii and enterobacter cancerogenus clinical isolates were cloned and expressed into escherichia coli and sequenced. these beta-lactamases had all a single pi value >8 and conferred a typical ampc-type resistance pattern in e. coli recombinan ...200212393205
the escherichia fergusonii iucabcd iuta genes are located within a larger chromosomal region similar to pathogenicity islands.three strains of escherichia fergusonii (ef873, ef1496, ef939) of 50 strains tested produced the hydroxamate siderophore aerobactin. screening of a cosmid library of the strain ef873 chromosomal dna (in aerobactin nonproducing escherichia coli vcs257) for aerobactin production identified iucabcd and iuta gene orthologues. the predicted iucabcd and iuta proteins showed 59-65% identity to the corresponding proteins of shigella flexneri and e. coli. aerobactin molecules synthesized by e. fergusonii ...200312800494
degradation of raw or film-incorporated beta-cyclodextrin by enzymes and colonic bacteria.beta-cyclodextrin (beta-cd) is a suitable excipient for peroral use, which improves the solubility of lipophilic drugs, as well as for colon-specific drug release when it is mixed with coating polymers. the first aim of this work was to examine the suitability of various enzymes as a simple in vitro model for the glycolytic activity in the human colon. alpha-amylase (source aspergillus oryzae) and taka diastase (source a. oryzae) showed remarkable degradation capacity of free beta-cd, whereas ot ...200415207542
identification of a chromosome-borne class c beta-lactamase from erwinia characterize the beta-lactamase gene content of erwinia rhapontici.200415472000
fibrino-necrotic typhlitis caused by escherichia fergusonii in ostriches (struthio camelus).two adult ostriches developed anorexia, prostration, and severe hemorrhagic diarrhea, dying 24 hr after the onset of clinical signs. on postmortem examination, the cecal mucosa showed locally extensive areas of hemorrhages and fibrino-necrotic typhlitis with a white-yellowish material covering the mucosal surface. multiple serosal petequial hemorrhages and fibrinous peritonitis were present. histologic examination revealed an intense mononuclear infiltration in the lamina propria and submucosa o ...200515839434
escherichia fergusonii: an emerging pathogen in south orissa. 200516100434
phylogenetic relationships among clonal groups of extraintestinal pathogenic escherichia coli as assessed by multi-locus sequence analysis.the evolutionary origins of extraintestinal pathogenic escherichia coli (expec) remain uncertain despite these organisms' relevance to human disease. a valid understanding of expec phylogeny is needed as a framework against which the observed distribution of virulence factors and clinical associations can be analyzed. accordingly, phylogenetic relationships were defined by multi-locus sequence analysis among 44 representatives of selected expec clonal groups and the e. coli reference (ecor) coll ...200616820314
isolation of escherichia fergusonii from the feces and internal organs of a goat with diarrhea.a fecal sample from a 42-year-old goat with a 2-month history of poor weight gain and diarrhea yielded a moderate growth of an organism resembling salmonella spp. on macconkey agar. the organism was identified as escherichia fergusonii. the animal was euthanized. samples of intestine, lung, liver, and kidney yielded the same organism, e. fergusonii.200717616063
multidrug-resistant escherichia fergusonii: a case of acute cystitis.we report a case in which escherichia fergusonii, an emerging pathogen in various types of infections, was associated with cystitis in a 52-year-old woman. the offending strain was found to be multidrug resistant. despite in vitro activity, beta-lactam treatment failed because of a lack of patient compliance with therapy. the work confirms the pathogenic potential of e. fergusonii.200818256229
characterisation of escherichia fergusonii isolates from farm animals using an escherichia coli virulence gene array and tissue culture adherence assays.escherichia fergusonii has been associated with a wide variety of intestinal and extra-intestinal infections in both humans and animals but, despite strong circumstantial evidence, the degree to which the organism is responsible for the pathologies identified remains uncertain. thirty isolates of e. fergusonii collected between 2003 and 2004 were screened using an escherichia coli virulence gene array to test for the presence of homologous virulence genes in e. fergusonii. the iss (increased ser ...200918585745
misidentification of a variant biotype of escherichia coli o157:h7 as escherichia fergusonii by vitek 2 compact. 200919116349
analytical comparison of nine pcr primer sets designed to detect the presence of escherichia coli/shigella in water samples.the analytical performance of 9 different pcr primer sets designed to detect escherichia coli and shigella in water has been evaluated in terms of ubiquity, specificity, and analytical detection limit. of the 9 pcr primer sets tested, only 3 of the 5 primer sets targeting uida gene and the primer set targeting tuf gene amplified dna from all e. coli strains tested. however, of those 4 primer sets, only the primer set targeting the tuf gene also amplified dna from all shigella strains tested. for ...200919482328
cryptic lineages of the genus escherichia.extended multilocus sequence typing (mlst) analysis of atypical escherichia isolates was used to identify five novel phylogenetic clades (ci to cv) among isolates from environmental, human, and animal sources. analysis of individual housekeeping loci showed that e. coli and its sister clade, ci, remain largely indistinguishable and represent nascent evolutionary lineages. conversely, clades of similar age (ciii and civ) were found to be phylogenetically distinct. when all escherichia lineages (n ...200919700542
first enteric escherichia fergusonii from italy. 200920046110
use of citrate adonitol agar as a selective medium for the isolation of escherichia fergusonii from a captive reindeer herd.escherichia fergusonii is an emerging potentially zoonotic organism which has been recovered from a broad range of human and animal sources. efforts to recover e. fergusonii from mixed flora hitherto however have been constrained by the lack of a suitable selective medium for its isolation. this paper reports for the first time the recovery of e. fergusonii from reindeer carcases in a wildlife park and the use of citrate adonitol agar to selectively screen for the presence of this organism in fa ...201020153938
examination of equine glandular stomach lesions for bacteria, including helicobacter spp by fluorescence in situ hybridisation.the equine glandular stomach is commonly affected by erosion and ulceration. the aim of this study was to assess whether bacteria, including helicobacter, could be involved in the aetiology of gastric glandular lesions seen in horses.201020298612
first description of an extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase-producing multidrug-resistant escherichia fergusonii strain in a patient with cystitis.extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing organisms have captured the attention of clinicians and laboratorians and are agents of nosocomial and community onset infections (j. d. pitout and k. b. laupland, lancet infect. dis. 8:159-166, 2008). esbls in many enterobacteriaceae and in nonfermenting gram-negative organisms have been described (k. bush and g. a. jacoby, antimicrob. agents chemother. 54:969-976, 2010). we present the first case of a clinical isolate of multidrug-resistant esc ...201020410344
increasing resistance in community-acquired urinary tract infections in latin america, five years after the implementation of national therapeutic guidelines.the worldwide increasing resistance to antibiotics has complicated antimicrobial treatment of urinary tract infections (utis), especially in latin america. this study aimed to report the present etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility of utis, and the effects of the national guidelines for utis introduced in 2003.201020637675
identification and characterization of novel phosphate regulon genes, ecs0540-ecs0544, in escherichia coli response to environmental phosphate limitation, the transcriptional activator phob of escherichia coli (e. coli) activates transcription of the phosphate regulon (pho regulon) genes that are involved in phosphate utilization. at least 31 of pho regulon genes have been identified and well characterized in e. coli by numerous studies using non-pathogenic k-12 derivative strains. in this study, we searched for phob-regulated promoters from a lacz-fused genomic library of the e. coli o157:h7 saka ...201020640580
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