[isolation of "neisseria elongata" and "moraxella urethralis" (author's transl)].a strain of neisseria elongata and a strain of moraxella urethralis have been recently isolated from pathological material in the course of a systematic search for rodshaped oxidase positive and gram negative micro-organisms. the morphological, cultural and biochemical characters of these fewly known strains of which pathogenicity is not clearly defined, are reported in the present paper together with some comments.1975171989
oxidase positive rods from cases of suspected gonorrhoea. a comparison of conventional, gas chromatographic and genetic methods of identification.genito-urethral specimens from 3260 women and 1170 men, with ailments suggestive of gonorrhoea, were examined for growth of oxidase positive rodshaped bacteria, as well as of gonococci. moraxella osloensis was identified in 26 cases (0.64 per cent of women and 0.43 per cent of men). three patients harboured phenylalanine negative (or weakly reacting) and tryptophan deaminase negative m. phenylpyrouvica and, in three cases, a flavobacterium species was detected. among six oropharyngeal specimens ...1977402788
differentiation of some species of neisseriaceae and other bacterial groups by dna-dna hybridization.dna-dna hybridization using total genomic dna probes may represent a way of differentiating between miscellaneous bacterial species. this was studied with type and reference strains of 20 species in moraxella, kingella, and other selected gram-negative groups. both radioactive and biotin labelling were employed. most of the species examined were easily distinguished, such as moraxella (branhamella) catarrhalis, m.(b.) ovis, m. atlantae, m. phenylpyruvica, m. osloensis, neisseria elongata, n. men ...19892730785
isolation of neisseria elongata and of capnocytophaga ochracea from vaginal specimens. 19854008966
[biochemical diagnosis of neisseria elongata (author's transl)]. 19744211316
endocarditis caused by neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens: case report and literature review.neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens, an usual commensal of the nasopharynx, can cause serious infections, usually endocarditis. a case of neisseria elongata endocarditis complicating mitral valve prolapse in a patient allergic to penicillin is reported. cure was obtained with a combination of ceftriaxone and gentamicin, there being no requirement for surgery during the acute phase of the disease.19938223662
m-6 endocarditis: report of an australian case.neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens (formerly cdc group m-6) is a newly-recognized cause of particularly destructive endocarditis, frequently requiring valve replacement. we describe an australian case of endocarditis caused by this organism, summarizing the clinical and microbiological features of this rarely isolated subspecies.19938265254
phylogeny of species in the family neisseriaceae isolated from human dental plaque and description of kingella oralis sp. nov [corrected].fourteen human periodontal isolates recovered from a purported eikenella corrodens-selective medium containing 1 microgram of clindamycin per ml displayed biochemical traits which differed from those described for e. corrodens. these organisms were gram-negative rods which corroded agar. the isolates were oxidase positive and urease, indole, and esculin negative. they differed from e. corrodens in catalase, nitrate reduction, lysine decarboxylase, and ornithine decarboxylase activities. one isol ...19938347509
bioprosthetic valve endocarditis caused by neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens.a new case of neisseria elongata ssp. nitroreducens bacteremia and endocarditis in a 74-year-old woman who had undergone aortic valve replacement in 1992 is reported in detail. n. elongata ssp. nitroreducens differs from the other subspecies of n. elongata in the additional reduction of nitrate without gas formation. like most neisseria spp. except neisseria meningitidis and neisseria gonorrhoeae, this n. elongata ssp. nitroreducens is usually classified in the group of "non-pathogenic" neisseri ...19968811367
neisseria elongata subsp. elongata, a case of human endocarditis complicated by pseudoaneurysm.we report an unusual case of endocarditis caused by neisseria elongata subsp. elongata. the illness was complicated by a ruptured mycotic aneurysm of the right brachial artery, with compression of the brachial plexus. a cure was achieved after aneurysm resection and treatment with intravenous ceftriaxone and gentamicin.19968904455
endocarditis due to neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens: case report and review. 19989636888
linezolid activity compared to those of selected macrolides and other agents against aerobic and anaerobic pathogens isolated from soft tissue bite infections in humans.linezolid was tested against 420 aerobes and anaerobes, including 148 pasteurella isolates, by an agar dilution method. linezolid was active against all pasteurella multocida subsp. multocida and p. multocida subsp. septica isolates and most pasteurella canis, pasteurella dagmatis, and pasteurella stomatis isolates. the mic was </=2 microg/ml for staphylococci, streptococci, ef-4b, weeksella zoohelcum, fusobacterium nucleatum, other fusobacteria, porphyromonas spp., prevotella spp., peptostrepto ...199910348773
activity of gatifloxacin compared to those of five other quinolones versus aerobic and anaerobic isolates from skin and soft tissue samples of human and animal bite wound infections.the activity of gatifloxacin against 308 aerobes and 112 anaerobes isolated from bite wound infections was studied. gatifloxacin was active at </=0.016 microg/ml against all 148 pasteurella isolates (eight species and three subspecies) tested and all other aerobes tested, including actinobacillus-haemophilus spp., eikenella corrodens, neisseria weaveri, weeksella zoohelcum, staphylococci, and streptococci. fusobacteria were sometimes resistant. gatifloxacin mics at which 90% of the isolates were ...199910348774
comparative in vitro activities of abt-773 against aerobic and anaerobic pathogens isolated from skin and soft-tissue animal and human bite wound infections.we studied the comparative in vitro activities of abt-773, a new ketolide, against 268 aerobic and 148 anaerobic recent isolates from clinical bites using an agar dilution method and inocula of 10(4) cfu/spot for aerobes and 10(5) cfu for anaerobes. the following are the mic ranges and mics at which 90% of isolates are inhibited (mic(90)s) of abt-773 for various isolates, respectively: pasteurella multocida and pasteurella septica, 0.125 to 2 and 1 microg/ml; other pasteurella species, 0.125 to ...200010952607
comparative in vitro activities of gar-936 against aerobic and anaerobic animal and human bite wound pathogens.gar-936 is a new semisynthetic glycylcycline with a broad antibacterial spectrum, including tetracycline-resistant strains. the in vitro activities of gar-936, minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline, moxifloxacin, penicillin g, and erythromycin were determined by agar dilution methods against 268 aerobic and 148 anaerobic strains of bacteria (including pasteurella, eikenella, moraxella, bergeyella, neisseria, ef-4, bacteroides, prevotella, porphyromonas, fusobacterium, staphylococcus, streptococ ...200010991855
endocarditis due to rare and fastidious bacteria.the etiologic diagnosis of infective endocarditis is easily made in the presence of continuous bacteremia with gram-positive cocci. however, the blood culture may contain a bacterium rarely associated with endocarditis, such as lactobacillus spp., klebsiella spp., or nontoxigenic corynebacterium, salmonella, gemella, campylobacter, aeromonas, yersinia, nocardia, pasteurella, listeria, or erysipelothrix spp., that requires further investigation to establish the relationship with endocarditis, or ...200111148009
evaluation of the specificities of five dna amplification methods for the detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae.the intragenus specificities of five molecular diagnostic methods for neisseria gonorrhoeae were determined. three assays were considered suboptimal. molecular detection of n. gonorrhoeae from sites where other neisseria spp. commonly occur or from any site in low-prevalence settings should be confirmed by a test targeting a different genetic locus.200312574295
aortic prosthetic endocarditis with neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens.a case of neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens endocarditis with a favourable course is presented. dental foci were involved as the infective origin. only conservative therapy was performed for 6 weeks; no complications were registered in 3 months of follow-up. the other 12 cases with similar aetiology communicated in the past 30 y were reviewed.200312839162
utilization of 16s ribosomal dna sequencing for diagnosis of septicemia due to neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica in a neutropenic patient.septicemia due to neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica occurs infrequently. we report a case of septicemia in a patient undergoing antimitotic chemotherapy. gram-negative coccobacilli were isolated from blood cultures. the identity of the isolate by phenotypic methods was uncertain. in contrast, identity was confirmed by 16s ribosomal dna sequencing, which appeared to be very useful for correct identification.200312843114
neisseria elongata endocarditis: case report and literature review.we describe a case of infective endocarditis due to neisseria elongata, and review the literature. n. elongata is a constituent of the normal oral flora and a rare cause of infective endocarditis. unfamiliarity with the organism and its rod-shaped morphology may lead to a delay in microbiological diagnosis. although the organism is relatively sensitive to antibiotics, our experience in the management of the described case and a review of previous reports suggest that antibiotic therapy alone may ...200312848758
use of tuf sequences for genus-specific pcr detection and phylogenetic analysis of 28 streptococcal species.a 761-bp portion of the tuf gene (encoding the elongation factor tu) from 28 clinically relevant streptococcal species was obtained by sequencing amplicons generated using broad-range pcr primers. these tuf sequences were used to select streptococcus-specific pcr primers and to perform phylogenetic analysis. the specificity of the pcr assay was verified using 102 different bacterial species, including the 28 streptococcal species. genomic dna purified from all streptococcal species was efficient ...200415297518
[endocarditis due to the neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens]. 200415511399
endocarditis due to a new rod-shaped neisseria sp.we report the first case of pacemaker endocarditis due to a new rod-shaped neisseria sp. isolated from blood culture. on the basis of rrs sequencing, the isolate was found to be most closely related to an uncultured organism from human subgingival plaque and was identified as neisseria sp. group ak105. a cure was achieved after a combination of surgical and antibiotic treatment. oral flora-induced pacemaker endocarditis is a rare condition that reinforces the need for good oral hygiene as an imp ...200515695696
neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens endocarditis in a seven-year-old boy. 200515818312
description of kingella potus sp. nov., an organism isolated from a wound caused by an animal bite.we report the isolation and characterization of a hitherto unknown gram-negative, rod-shaped neisseria-like organism from an infected wound resulting from a bite from a kinkajou. based on both phenotypic and phylogenetic evidence, it is proposed that the unknown organism be classified as a new species, kingella potus sp. nov.200516000497
identification of candidate periodontal pathogens and beneficial species by quantitative 16s clonal analysis.most studies of the bacterial etiology of periodontitis have used either culture-based or targeted dna approaches, and so it is likely that pathogens remain undiscovered. the purpose of this study was to use culture-independent, quantitative analysis of biofilms associated with chronic periodontitis and periodontal health to identify pathogens and beneficial species. samples from subjects with periodontitis and controls were analyzed using ribosomal 16s cloning and sequencing. several genera, ma ...200516081935
specific and sensitive detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae in clinical specimens by real-time pcr.early diagnosis of neisseria gonorrhoeae infections is important with regard to patients' health and infectivity. we report the development of a specific and sensitive taqman assay for the detection of n. gonorrhoeae in clinical samples. the target sequence is a 76-bp fragment of the 5' untranslated region of the opa genes that encode opacity proteins. a panel of 448 well-defined n. gonorrhoeae isolates was used to evaluate and optimize the assay. the method employs two minor-groove binding prob ...200516272500
development of a reca gene-based identification approach for the entire burkholderia genus.burkholderia is an important bacterial genus containing species of ecological, biotechnological, and pathogenic interest. with their taxonomy undergoing constant revision and the phenotypic similarity of several species, correct identification of burkholderia is difficult. a genetic scheme based on the reca gene has greatly enhanced the identification of burkholderia cepacia complex species. however, the pcr developed for the latter approach was limited by its specificity for the complex. by ali ...200516000805
evaluation of conventional and real-time pcr assays using two targets for confirmation of results of the cobas amplicor chlamydia trachomatis/neisseria gonorrhoeae test for detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae in clinical samples.two conventional pcr-enzyme immunoassays (pcr-eias) and two real-time pcr assays (lightcycler system; roche diagnostics) were evaluated as confirmation assays with cppb and 16s rrna genes as targets. of 765 male and female genitourinary and nasopharyngeal specimens positive for neisseria gonorrhoeae in the cobas amplicor chlamydia trachomatis/neisseria gonorrhoeae pcr test (roche diagnostics), 229 (30%) were confirmed positive; 13 of these (5.7%) were lacking the cppb gene. of the 534 samples (7 ...200515872247
usefulness of the microseq 500 16s ribosomal dna-based bacterial identification system for identification of clinically significant bacterial isolates with ambiguous biochemical profiles.due to the inadequate automation in the amplification and sequencing procedures, the use of 16s rrna gene sequence-based methods in clinical microbiology laboratories is largely limited to identification of strains that are difficult to identify by phenotypic methods. in this study, using conventional full-sequence 16s rrna gene sequencing as the "gold standard," we evaluated the usefulness of the microseq 500 16s ribosomal dna (rdna)-based bacterial identification system, which involves amplifi ...200312734240
microbiological evaluation of the new vitek 2 neisseria-haemophilus identification card.vitek 2 is an automated identification system for diverse bacterial and fungal species. a new card (the neisseria-haemophilus [nh] card) for the identification of neisseria spp., haemophilus spp., and other fastidious gram-negative or gram-variable microorganisms has been developed, but its performance in a routine clinical laboratory has not yet been evaluated. in this study, a total of 188 bacterial strains belonging to the genera actinobacillus, campylobacter, capnocytophaga, cardiobacterium, ...200717728469
enhancing the specificity of the cobas amplicor ct/ng test for neisseria gonorrhoeae by retesting specimens with equivocal results.the cobas amplicor ct/ng test for neisseria gonorrhoeae cross-reacts with certain strains of nonpathogenic neisseria species. in some strains, the target sequence is identical to that of n. gonorrhoeae, whereas other strains have a small number of mismatches within the regions recognized by the primers or probe used in the cobas amplicor ng test. these cross-reactive strains are occasionally present in urogenital specimens, causing false-positive results in the cobas amplicor ng test. analysis o ...200111526134
neisseria elongata subsp. elongata, as a cause of human endocarditis.neisseria elongata subsp. elongata, previously considered nonpathogenic, is a potential agent of human endocarditis. we report the second case of human endocarditis caused by this organism. the patient was successfully treated with ceftriaxone alone for a total of six weeks.200111404072
rho is not essential for viability or virulence in staphylococcus aureus.we have identified the gene for transcription termination factor rho in staphylococcus aureus. deletion of rho in s. aureus reveals that it is not essential for viability or virulence. we also searched the available bacterial genomic sequences for homologs of rho and found that it is broadly distributed and highly conserved. exceptions include streptococcus pneumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes, mycoplasma genitalium, mycoplasma pneumoniae, ureaplasma urealyticum, and synechocystis sp. strain pcc68 ...200111257021
diagnostics of neisseriaceae and moraxellaceae by ribosomal dna sequencing: ribosomal differentiation of medical and reliable identification of microbial isolates is a fundamental goal of clinical microbiology. however, in the case of some fastidious gram-negative bacterial species, classical phenotype identification based on either metabolic, enzymatic, or serological methods is difficult, time-consuming, and/or inadequate. 16s or 23s ribosomal dna (rdna) bacterial sequencing will most often result in accurate speciation of isolates. therefore, the objective of this study was to find a hypervariable ...200111230407
structural and evolutionary inference from molecular variation in neisseria porins.the porin proteins of the pathogenic neisseria species, neisseria gonorrhoeae and neisseria meningitidis, are important as serotyping antigens, putative vaccine components, and for their proposed role in the intracellular colonization of humans. a three-dimensional structural homology model for neisseria porins was generated from escherichia coli porin structures and n. meningitidis pora and porb sequences. the neisseria sequences were readily assembled into the 16-strand beta-barrel fold charac ...199910225902
septicaemia with neisseria elongata ssp. nitroreducens in a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathia.neisseria elongata ssp. nitroreducens, a commensal of the human upper respiratory tract, is a newly recognized cause of endocarditis. we report the isolation of the organism from blood cultures of a 30-y-old man with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. the patient was successfully treated with benzylpenicillin and netilmicin in combination, followed by ceftriaxone and amoxicillin.19989730315
neisseria weaveri sp. nov., formerly cdc group m-5, a gram-negative bacterium associated with dog bite wounds.cdc group m-5 is a rod-shaped, gram-negative, nonmotile bacterium associated with dog bite wounds. dna-dna relatedness and biochemical and growth characteristics were studied for 54 strains from the collection at the centers for disease control and prevention. one typical m-5 strain, 8142, was further studied by 16s rrna sequencing. dna from 40 of 53 strains showed 82 to 100% relatedness (hydroxyapatite method) to labeled dna from strain 8142. the guanine-plus-cytosine (g + c) content in 8 of th ...19938408570
comparisons of subgingival microbial profiles of refractory periodontitis, severe periodontitis, and periodontal health using the human oral microbe identification microarray.this study compared the subgingival microbiota of subjects with refractory periodontitis (rp) to those in subjects with treatable periodontitis (grs = good responders) or periodontal health (ph) using the human oral microbe identification microarray (homim).200919722792
characterization of neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica isolates obtained from human wound specimens and blood cultures.four slightly yellow-pigmented, alpha-hemolytic, gram-negative coccobacilli, three from wound specimens and one from multiple blood cultures of a patient with endocarditis, were identified as neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica on the basis of their overall biochemical and genetic similarities to this subspecies. these strains resembled n. elongata in their guanine-plus-cytosine contents (55.6 to 57.1 mol%) and in their overall cellular fatty acid profiles, which are characterized by large amo ...19957699070
endocarditis due to neisseria elongata subspecies nitroreducens. 19957620042
bacterial 16s sequence analysis of severe caries in young permanent teeth.previous studies have confirmed the association of the acid producers streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus spp. with childhood caries, but they also suggested these microorganisms are not sufficient to explain all cases of caries. in addition, health-associated bacterial community profiles are not well understood, including the importance of base production and acid catabolism in ph homeostasis. the bacterial community composition in health and in severe caries of the young permanent dentition ...201020826648
neisseria elongata sp.nov., a rod-shaped member of the genus neisseria. re-evaluation of cell shape as a criterion in classification. 19705488467
partitioning core and satellite taxa from within cystic fibrosis lung bacterial communities.cystic fibrosis (cf) patients suffer from chronic bacterial lung infections that lead to death in the majority of cases. the need to maintain lung function in these patients means that characterising these infections is vital. increasingly, culture-independent analyses are expanding the number of bacterial species associated with cf respiratory samples; however, the potential significance of these species is not known. here, we applied ecological statistical tools to such culture-independent dat ...201021151003
partitioning core and satellite taxa from within cystic fibrosis lung bacterial communities.cystic fibrosis (cf) patients suffer from chronic bacterial lung infections that lead to death in the majority of cases. the need to maintain lung function in these patients means that characterising these infections is vital. increasingly, culture-independent analyses are expanding the number of bacterial species associated with cf respiratory samples; however, the potential significance of these species is not known. here, we applied ecological statistical tools to such culture-independent dat ...201021151003
first report of performance of the versant ct/gc dna 1.0 assay (kpcr) for detection of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae.we evaluated the analytical, work flow, and clinical performance of the versant ct/gc dna 1.0 assay (versant ct/gc assay, where "ct" represents chlamydia trachomatis and "gc" represents neisseria gonorrhoeae). the assay simultaneously detects chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae in swab and first-catch urine (fcu) specimens. the limit of detection (lod) was determined to be 342 copies/ml for c. trachomatis and 137 copies/ml for gc. the versant ct/gc assay detected 15 c. trachomatis se ...201121307209
antagonistic action of alpha haemolytic streptococci on neisseria elongata. 19734517039
the utility of matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms) following introduction for routine laboratory bacterial identification.maldi-tof ms was evaluated prospectively in a diagnostic laboratory. 927 organisms were tested in triplicate; 2351/2781 (85%) species and 2681/2781 (96%) genus identifications were correct. known issues such as the misidentification of α-haemolytic streptococci as streptococcus pneumonia were easily corrected. identifications cost $aud0.45 per isolate and were available in minutes. maldi-tof ms is rapid, accurate and inexpensive.201121632894
evaluation of six commercial nucleic acid amplification tests for the detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae and other neisseria species.molecular detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae in extragenital samples may result in false positive results due to cross reaction with commensal neisseria species or neisseria meningitidis. this study examined 450 characterised clinical culture isolates, comprising 216 n. gonorrhoeae and 234 neisseria species (n=218) and other closely related bacteria (n=16), with six commercial nucleic acid amplification tests (naats) including gen-probe aptima combo 2 and aptima gc; roche cobas amplicor ct/ng an ...201121813721
neisseria elongata. presentation of new isolates. 19724509398
detection by gas chromatography of 3-deoxy-d-manno-2-octulosonic acid and l-glycero-d-manno-heptose in whole cells of neisseria elongata.lipopolysaccharide components 3-deoxy-d-manno-2-octulosonic acid and l-glycero-d-manno-heptose were detected in hydrolysates from whole cells of neisseria elongata by gas-liquid chromatography. cells from a single plate were hydrolyzed, and carbohydrate components were converted to aldononitrile and o-methyloxime acetate derivatives for subsequent analyses by gas-liquid chromatography. 3-deoxy-d-manno-2-octulosonic acid was well separated from other cell components as the o-methyloxime acetate d ...19863958140
mode of birth delivery affects oral microbiota in infants.establishment of the microbiota of the gut has been shown to differ between infants delivered by caesarian section (c-section) and those delivered vaginally. the aim of the present study was to compare the oral microbiota in infants delivered by these different routes. the oral biofilm was assayed by the human oral microbe identification microarray (homim) in healthy three-month-old infants, 38 infants born by c-section, and 25 infants delivered vaginally. among over 300 bacterial taxa targeted ...201121828355
neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens subsp. nov., formerly cdc group m-6, a gram-negative bacterium associated with endocarditis.cdc group m-6 is the vernacular name given to a gram-negative, oxidase-positive, aerobic, nonmotile, rod-shaped bacterium. this organism is biochemically similar to kingella denitrificans and displays a cellular fatty acid profile consistent with cdc groups m-5 and ef-4 and with neisseria elongata. of the 95 m-6 strains referred to the centers for disease control (cdc) for identification, 32 (64%) of the first 50 were from the throat or sputum and only 3 (6%) were from blood; only 5 (11%) of the ...19902279987
association of an important neisseria species, neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens, with bacteremia, endocarditis, and osteomyelitis.we retrospectively analyzed epidemiologic information associated with 22 cultures of neisseria elongata subsp. nitroreducens (formerly cdc group m-6) submitted to the microbial diseases laboratory, california department of health services, berkeley, over a 16-year period. the most common illnesses noted with this bacterium were endocarditis, bacteremia, and osteomyelitis. risk factors associated with n. elongata subsp. nitroreducens infection included dental manipulations and/or a previous histo ...19921551990
biotechnological applications of functional metagenomics in the food and pharmaceutical industries.microorganisms are found throughout nature, thriving in a vast range of environmental conditions. the majority of them are unculturable or difficult to culture by traditional methods. metagenomics enables the study of all microorganisms, regardless of whether they can be cultured or not, through the analysis of genomic data obtained directly from an environmental sample, providing knowledge of the species present, and allowing the extraction of information regarding the functionality of microbia ...201526175729
presence of a classical rrm-fold palm domain in thg1-type 3'- 5'nucleic acid polymerases and the origin of the ggdef and crispr polymerase domains.almost all known nucleic acid polymerases catalyze 5'-3' polymerization by mediating the attack on an incoming nucleotide 5' triphosphate by the 3'oh from the growing polynucleotide chain in a template dependent or independent manner. the only known exception to this rule is the thg1 rna polymerase that catalyzes 3'-5' polymerization in vitro and also in vivo as a part of the maturation process of histidinyl trna. while the initial reaction catalyzed by thg1 has been compared to adenylation cata ...201020591188
calibrating bacterial evolution.attempts to calibrate bacterial evolution have relied on the assumption that rates of molecular sequence divergence in bacteria are similar to those of higher eukaryotes, or to those of the few bacterial taxa for which ancestors can be reliably dated from ecological or geological evidence. despite similarities in the substitution rates estimated for some lineages, comparisons of the relative rates of evolution at different classes of nucleotide sites indicate no basis for their universal applica ...199910535975
[distribution of species of moraxella and moraxella-like organisms in the nasopharynx of healthy human adults (author's transl].by means of a lincomycin containing selective medium, gram-negative, oxidase-positive, non-motile, non-saccharolytic, penicillin-sensitive rods have been isolated from 24 of 165 healthy adults (13,9%). three strains were lost, 7 strains were moraxella osloensis (4,2%), 12 strains were neisseria elongata (7,3%) and 2 strains were considered to be a subspecies of n. elongata (1.2%). by agglutination and immunodiffusion could be demonstrated that n. elongata is a serologically heterogenous species. ...19761004377
the catabolism of glucose, glutamate pyruvate and acetate in neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica.activities corresponding to the enzymes glucokinase, glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, pyridine nucleotide independent malate dehydrogenase, and glutamate dehydrogenase were found in cell free extracts from neisseria elongata subsp. gkcolytica. activities corresponding to 6-phosphogluconate dehydrase and 2-keto-3-deoxy-6-phosphogluconate aldolase were not found. glucose was catabolized only vira the pentose phosphate pathway. the radioresp ...1977857608
relationship of neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica to other members of the family neisseriaceae.neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica strain 6171/75 is closely similar to the type strain of n. elongata, m2, as regards dna base composition, fatty acid content and electrophoretic mobility of two glutamate dehydrogenases, one of which showed a reaction of identity with the corresponding enzyme from m2 in double immunodiffusion in agar. the strain showed genetic homologies with strain m2 in genetic transformation at a level suggesting species identity, and with n. meningitidis at a lower level ...1977842351
growth pattern and cell division in neisseria gonorrhoeae.the gram-negative coccus neisseria gonorrhoeae was found to grow regularly in at least two dimensions. growth proceeded at a linear rate sequentially in each dimension. growth in the second dimension (former width) was initiated slightly before the pole-division plane distance equalled the cell width. penicillin treatment localized presumptive growth zones to the existing septum region. it was suggested that new growth zones were always formed perpendicular to the longitudinal axis created in th ...1977401495
characteristics of the m2000 automated sample preparation and multiplex real-time pcr system for detection of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae.we evaluated a new real-time pcr-based prototype assay for the detection of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae developed by abbott molecular inc. this assay is designed to be performed on an abbott m2000 real-time instrument system, which consists of an m2000sp instrument for sample preparation and an m2000rt instrument for real-time pcr amplification and detection. the limit of detection of this prototype assay was determined to be 20 copies of target dna for both c. trachomatis an ...200717202273
the majority of genes in the pathogenic neisseria species are present in non-pathogenic neisseria lactamica, including those designated as 'virulence genes'.neisseria meningitidis causes the life-threatening diseases meningococcal meningitis and meningococcal septicemia. neisseria gonorrhoeae is closely related to the meningococcus, but is the cause of the very different infection, gonorrhea. a number of genes have been implicated in the virulence of these related yet distinct pathogens, but the genes that define and differentiate the species and their behaviours have not been established. further, a related species, neisseria lactamica is not assoc ...200616734888
nucleic acid amplification testing for neisseria gonorrhoeae: an ongoing challenge.nucleic acid amplification tests (naats) for the detection of neisseria gonorrhoeae became available in the early 1990s. although offering several advantages over traditional detection methods, n. gonorrhoeae naats do have some limitations. these include cost, risk of carryover contamination, inhibition, and inability to provide antibiotic resistance data. in addition, there are sequence-related limitations that are unique to n. gonorrhoeae naats. in particular, false-positive results are a majo ...200616436629
molecular analysis of oral and respiratory bacterial species associated with ventilator-associated pneumonia.trauma intensive care unit (ticu) patients requiring mechanical respiratory support frequently develop ventilator-associated pneumonia (vap). oral and oropharyngeal bacteria are believed to be responsible for many cases of vap, but definitive evidence of this relationship is lacking. earlier studies used conventional culture-based methods for identification of bacterial pathogens, but these methods are insufficient, as some bacteria may be uncultivable or difficult to grow. the purpose of this s ...200717301280
prosthetic valve endocarditis due to neisseria elongata subsp. elongata in a patient with klinefelter's syndrome.a case is reported of prosthetic valve endocarditis due to neisseria elongata subsp. elongata in a patient with klinefelter's syndrome. this is believed to be only the third case of endocarditis reported due to this subspecies. n. elongata is difficult to identify, and is morphologically and biochemically similar to kingella spp. sequencing of the 16s rrna gene is useful for identification. the patient was successfully treated with amoxicillin and gentamicin, followed by ceftriaxone.200717510275
towards microbiome transplant as a therapy for periodontitis: an exploratory study of periodontitis microbial signature contrasted by oral health, caries and edentulism.conventional periodontal therapy aims at controlling supra- and subgingival biofilms. although periodontal therapy was shown to improve periodontal health, it does not completely arrest the disease. almost all subjects compliant with periodontal maintenance continue to experience progressive clinical attachment loss and a fraction of them loses teeth. an oral microbial transplant may be a new alternative for treating periodontitis (inspired by fecal transplant). first, it must be established tha ...201526468081
the influence of smoking on the peri-implant microbiome.smokers are at high risk for 2 bacterially driven oral diseases: peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to use a deep-sequencing approach to identify the effect of smoking on the peri-implant microbiome in states of health and disease. peri-implant biofilm samples were collected from 80 partially edentulous subjects with peri-implant health, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis. bacterial dna was isolated and 16s ribsomal rna gene li ...201526124222
outcome of bacteremia and fungemia in paediatric oncology determine the outcome of paediatric oncology patients with positive blood cultures.200218159414
neisseria elongata endocarditis complicated by brain embolism and abscess.we report a case of neisseria elongata endocarditis with thalamic septic embolization and subsequent brain abscess formation, which to the best of our knowledge has never been reported in the literature. the brain abscess completely resolved after a surgical repair of the infected mitral valve and an additional 4 weeks of antimicrobial therapy. based on a review of all previous reports of n. elongata endocarditis, including ours, this will remind physicians that invasive n. elongata infections s ...200818287303
multicenter evaluation of the new vitek 2 neisseria-haemophilus identification card.the new neisseria-haemophilus identification (nh) card for vitek 2 was compared with 16s rrna gene sequencing (16s) as the reference method for accurate identification of neisseria spp., haemophilus spp., and other fastidious gram-negative bacteria. testing was performed on the vitek 2 xl system with modified software at three clinical trial laboratories. reproducibility was determined with nine atcc quality control strains tested 20 times over a minimum of 10 days at all three sites. a challeng ...200818579712
evaluation of three real-time pcr assays for detection of mycoplasma pneumoniae in an outbreak investigation.we compared the performances of three recently optimized real-time pcr assays derived from distinct genomic regions of mycoplasma pneumoniae during an outbreak. comprehensive evaluation established that a newly described toxin gene represents a superior target for detecting m. pneumoniae dna in clinical specimens, although use of multiple targets may increase testing confidence.200818614663
growth enhancement of effective microorganisms for bioremediation of crude oil contaminated waters.the bioremediation of polluted groundwater, wastewater aeration pond and biopond sites was investigated using bacteria isolated from these sites located at the oil refinery terengganu malaysia. out of 62 isolates, only 16 isolates from groundwater (8) and wastewater aeration pond (3) and biopond (5) were chosen based on growth medium containing 1% (v/v) tapis crude oil. only four isolates; acinetobacter faecalis, staphylococcus sp., pseudomonas putida and neisseria elongata showed percentage bio ...200818819623
accurate identification of fastidious gram-negative rods: integration of both conventional phenotypic methods and 16s rrna gene analysis.accurate identification of fastidious gram-negative rods (gnr) by conventional phenotypic characteristics is a challenge for diagnostic microbiology. the aim of this study was to evaluate the use of molecular methods, e.g., 16s rrna gene sequence analysis for identification of fastidious gnr in the clinical microbiology laboratory.201323855986
enhancement of biodegradation of crude petroleum-oil in contaminated water by the addition of nitrogen sources.addition of nitrogen sources as supplementary nutrient into msm medium to enhance biodegradation by stimulating the growth four isolates, acinetobacter faecalis, staphylococcus sp., pseudomonas putida and neisseria elongata isolated from petroleum contaminated groundwater, wastewater aeration pond and biopond at the oil refinery terengganu malaysia was investigated. the organic nitrogen sources tested not only supported growth but also enhances biodegradation of 1% tapis crude oil. all four isol ...200819266926
comparison of bruker biotyper matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometer to bd phoenix automated microbiology system for identification of gram-negative bacilli.we compared the bd phoenix automated microbiology system to the bruker biotyper (version 2.0) matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (maldi-tof) mass spectrometry (ms) system for identification of gram-negative bacilli, using biochemical testing and/or genetic sequencing to resolve discordant results. the bd phoenix correctly identified 363 (83%) and 330 (75%) isolates to the genus and species level, respectively. the bruker biotyper correctly identified 408 (93%) and 360 (82 ...201121209160
endocarditis due to neisseria bacilliformis in a patient with a bicuspid aortic valve.we report a case of endocarditis due to the rod-shaped neisseria species neisseria bacilliformis. the phenotypic characterization of this recently characterized bacteria is difficult, and the identification requires the sequencing of the 16s rrna gene. the resolution of the disease was complete after appropriate antibiotic therapy, and surgery was not required.200919386832
characterization of a unique tetrasaccharide and distinct glycoproteome in the o-linked protein glycosylation system of neisseria elongata subsp. glycolytica.broad-spectrum o-linked protein glycosylation is well characterized in the major neisseria species of importance to human health and disease. within strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae, n. meningitidis, and n. lactamica, protein glycosylation (pgl) gene content and the corresponding oligosaccharide structure are fairly well conserved, although intra- and interstrain variability occurs. the status of such systems in distantly related commensal species, however, remains largely unexplored. using a st ...201526483525
comparison of barley succession and take-all disease as environmental factors shaping the rhizobacterial community during take-all decline.the root disease take-all, caused by gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, can be managed by monoculture-induced take-all decline (tad). this natural biocontrol mechanism typically occurs after a take-all outbreak and is believed to arise from an enrichment of antagonistic populations in the rhizosphere. however, it is not known whether these changes are induced by the monoculture or by ecological rhizosphere conditions due to a disease outbreak and subsequent attenuation. this question was addr ...201020525871
a reproducible oral microcosm biofilm model for testing dental materials.most studies of biofilm effects on dental materials use single-species biofilms, or consortia. microcosm biofilms grown directly from saliva or plaque are much more diverse, but difficult to characterize. we used the human oral microbial identification microarray (homim) to validate a reproducible oral microcosm model.201222925110
the dental plaque microbiome in health and decay is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases worldwide. a variety of factors, including microbial, genetic, immunological, behavioral and environmental, interact to contribute to dental caries onset and development. previous studies focused on the microbial basis for dental caries have identified species associated with both dental health and disease. the purpose of the current study was to improve our knowledge of the microbial species involved in dental caries and health by perfo ...201323520516
oligotyping analysis of the human oral microbiome.the human microbiome project provided a census of bacterial populations in healthy individuals, but an understanding of the biomedical significance of this census has been hindered by limited taxonomic resolution. a high-resolution method termed oligotyping overcomes this limitation by evaluating individual nucleotide positions using shannon entropy to identify the most information-rich nucleotide positions, which then define oligotypes. we have applied this method to comprehensively analyze the ...201424965363
genome sequencing reveals widespread virulence gene exchange among human neisseria species.commensal bacteria comprise a large part of the microbial world, playing important roles in human development, health and disease. however, little is known about the genomic content of commensals or how related they are to their pathogenic counterparts. the genus neisseria, containing both commensal and pathogenic species, provides an excellent opportunity to study these issues. we undertook a comprehensive sequencing and analysis of human commensal and pathogenic neisseria genomes. commensals h ...201020676376
independent evolution of the core and accessory gene sets in the genus neisseria: insights gained from the genome of neisseria lactamica isolate 020-06.the genus neisseria contains two important yet very different pathogens, n. meningitidis and n. gonorrhoeae, in addition to non-pathogenic species, of which n. lactamica is the best characterized. genomic comparisons of these three bacteria will provide insights into the mechanisms and evolution of pathogenesis in this group of organisms, which are applicable to understanding these processes more generally.201021092259
fastidious gram-negatives: identification by the vitek 2 neisseria-haemophilus card and by partial 16s rrna gene sequencing analysis.taxonomy and identification of fastidious gram negatives are evolving and challenging. we compared identifications achieved with the vitek 2 neisseria-haemophilus (nh) card and partial 16s rrna gene sequence (526 bp stretch) analysis with identifications obtained with extensive phenotypic characterization using 100 fastidious gram negative bacteria. seventy-five strains represented 21 of the 26 taxa included in the vitek 2 nh database and 25 strains represented related species not included in th ...201021347215
rapid concentration and molecular enrichment approach for sensitive detection of escherichia coli/shigella in potable water this work, we used a rapid, simple, and efficient concentration and recovery procedure combined with a dna enrichment method (dubbed crename), that we coupled to an escherichia coli/shigella-specific real-time pcr (rtpcr) assay targeting the tuf gene, to sensitively detect e. coli/shigella in water. this integrated method was compared to the usepa culture-based method 1604 on mi agar in terms of analytical specificity, ubiquity, detection limit, and rapidity. none of the 179 non-e. coli/shige ...201121764965
septic arthritis: an extensive variety of pathology.septic arthritis typically presents as a hot, swollen joint. rapid recognition and treatment of this condition is essential to prevent permanent joint damage. however, septic arthritis does not always present in a textbook manner. the case presented here concerns septic arthritis affecting the right sternoclavicular joint. the patient did not have any risk factors for septic arthritis and presented with a swollen tender joint that was not hot. he was treated with penicillin and then amoxicillin ...200921754967
emerging roles for the ro 60-kda autoantigen in noncoding rna metabolism.all cells contain an enormous variety of ribonucleoprotein (rnp) complexes that function in diverse processes. although the mechanisms by which many of these rnps contribute to cell metabolism are well understood, the roles of others are only now beginning to be revealed. a member of this latter category, the ro 60-kda protein and its associated noncoding y rnas, was discovered because the protein component is a frequent target of the autoimmune response in patients with the rheumatic diseases s ...201121823229
variations of oral microbiota are associated with pancreatic diseases including pancreatic cancer.objectivethe associations between oral diseases and increased risk of pancreatic cancer have been reported in several prospective cohort studies. in this study, we measured variations of salivary microbiota and evaluated their potential associations with pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis.methodsthis study was divided into three phases: (1) microbial profiling using the human oral microbe identification microarray to investigate salivary microbiota variation between 10 resectable patient ...201121994333
epidemiologic studies of the human microbiome and cancer.the human microbiome, which includes the collective genome of all bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, and viruses found in and on the human body, is altered in many diseases and may substantially affect cancer risk. previously detected associations of individual bacteria (e.g., helicobacter pylori), periodontal disease, and inflammation with specific cancers have motivated studies considering the association between the human microbiome and cancer risk. this short review summarises microbiome re ...201626730578
understanding luminal microorganisms and their potential effectiveness in treating intestinal inflammation.the human intestine contains 10 bacteria, which outnumber the mammalian cells 10-fold. certain other commensal or infectious agents, like helminthic parasites, become members of this microbial ecosystem, especially in populations living under less hygienic conditions. intestinal microbes, also called the microbiome or microbiota, shape the host immune reactivity to self and nonself throughout life. changes in microbiome composition may impair the maturation of immune regulatory pathways and pred ...201626457381
microbiological analysis of a prospective, randomized, double-blind trial comparing moxifloxacin and clindamycin in the treatment of odontogenic infiltrates and abscesses.the objective of this study was to identify the oral pathogens found in odontogenic infections, to determine their susceptibilities to amoxicillin-clavulanic acid (amc), clindamycin (cli), doxycycline (dox), levofloxacin (lvx), moxifloxacin (mxf), and penicillin (pen), and to search for associations between specific pathogens and types of infection. swabs from patients enrolled in a randomized, double-blind phase ii trial comparing mxf with cli for the treatment of odontogenic abscesses or infla ...201222354306
patient-specific analysis of periodontal and peri-implant microbiomes.periodontally involved teeth have been implicated as 'microbial reservoirs' in the etiology of peri-implant diseases. therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to use a deep-sequencing approach to identify the degree of congruence between adjacent peri-implant and periodontal microbiomes in states of health and disease. subgingival and peri-implant biofilm samples were collected from 81 partially edentulous individuals with periodontal and peri-implant health and disease. bacterial dna wa ...201324158341
salivary biomarkers: toward future clinical and diagnostic utilities.the pursuit of timely, cost-effective, accurate, and noninvasive diagnostic methodologies is an endeavor of urgency among clinicians and scientists alike. detecting pathologies at their earliest stages can significantly affect patient discomfort, prognosis, therapeutic intervention, survival rates, and recurrence. diagnosis and monitoring often require painful invasive procedures such as biopsies and repeated blood draws, adding undue stress to an already unpleasant experience. the discovery of ...201324092855
cancer-promoting effects of microbial dysbiosis.humans depend on our commensal bacteria for nutritive, immune-modulating, and metabolic contributions to maintenance of health. however, this commensal community exists in careful balance that, if disrupted, enters dysbiosis; this has been shown to contribute to the pathogenesis of colon, gastric, esophageal, pancreatic, laryngeal, breast, and gallbladder carcinomas. this development is closely tied to host inflammation, which causes and is aggravated by microbial dysbiosis and increases vulnera ...201425123079
microbial signature profiles of periodontally healthy and diseased determine microbial profiles that discriminate periodontal health from different forms of periodontal diseases.201425139407
exploring salivary microbiota in aids patients with different periodontal statuses using 454 gs-flx titanium pyrosequencing.patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) are at high risk of opportunistic infections. oral manifestations have been associated with the level of immunosuppression, these include periodontal diseases, and understanding the microbial populations in the oral cavity is crucial for clinical management. the aim of this study was to examine the salivary bacterial diversity in patients newly admitted to the aids ward of the public health clinical center (china). saliva samples were colle ...201526191508
beyond microbial community composition: functional activities of the oral microbiome in health and disease.the oral microbiome plays a relevant role in the health status of the host and is a key element in a variety of oral and non-oral diseases. despite advances in our knowledge of changes in microbial composition associated with different health conditions the functional aspects of the oral microbiome that lead to dysbiosis remain for the most part unknown. in this review, we discuss the progress made towards understanding the functional role of the oral microbiome in health and disease and how nov ...201525862077
subgingival microbiota in health compared to periodontitis and the influence of smoking.the etiology of periodontitis has traditionally been associated to a consortium of three bacterial species-the so-called "red-complex" of periodontal disease-which has been the target for most diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. however, other species have also been found to correlate with disease severity. in addition, the influence of smoking on periodontal microbiota is poorly understood. in the current manuscript, the composition of the subgingival microbiota in healthy individuals vs. pa ...201525814980
isolation and metabolic characteristics of previously uncultured members of the order aquificales in a subsurface gold mine.culture-dependent and -independent techniques were combined to characterize the physiological properties and the ecological impacts of culture-resistant phylotypes of thermophiles within the order aquificales from a subsurface hot aquifer of a japanese gold mine. thermophilic bacteria phylogenetically associated with previously uncultured phylotypes of aquificales were successfully isolated. 16s ribosomal dna clone analysis of the entire microbial dna assemblage and fluorescence in situ whole-ce ...200212039766
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