macrophage involvement in the antitumor activity of brucella abortus ether extract against experimental lung carcinoma metastases. 197899230
[development of allergic reactivity to artemesia pollen during combined sensitization to pollen and microbes].some regularities of formation of hypersensitivity of the immediate type to the pollen of artemisia absinthium were studied under conditions of combined hypersensitivity to pollen and brucella abortus 19-ba vaccine strain; the latter was administered 3, 12, and 28 days after the pollen. the degree of specific allergic reconstruction to the pollen was studied by passive skin anaphylaxis after ovary, indirect degranulation of mast cells of healthy rats, and by general anaphylaxis in response to in ...197899195
t-independent responses in b cell-defective cba/n mice to brucella abortus and to trinitrophenyl (tnp) conjugates of brucella mice have an x-linked immune defect in b lymphocyte function which leads to their inability to respond to several thymus-independent antigens. we report here that these mice and immunologically defective f1 male (cba/n x dba/2n) mice can respond to brucella abortus and to 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl derivatives of brucella abortus (tnp-ba). these responses can be obtained in vivo and in vitro and are thymus-independent by the criteria that (a) they can be transferred to irradiated recipients by b ...197899320
the effects of passive antibodies to egg albumin on active immunity in lambs to brucella abortus and egg albumin.the long-term effects of colostrum on active immunity to two unrelated antigens are described. lambs were fed with pooled colostrum--to equalise passive immunity--with or without added antibodies to egg albumin (ea). there were significant breed differences in the response both to brucella abortus measured at one month of age, and to ea, measured at three months of age, although there was no significant correlation between the responses to the two antigens, either within or between breeds. surpr ...1978100838
plaque-forming cells in mice after experimental infection with brucella abortus.cells producing antibody to brucella lipopolysaccharide were detected in spleens of mice infected with brucella abortus 19 by a hemolytic plaque assay. the appearance of immunoglobulin m-producing cells preceded humoral antibodies. the primary plaques were observed 5 days after inoculation, and they were still present by day 70.1978101461
[relation of the sex of guinea pigs to sensitivity to brucella abortus infection and their immune response]. 197898812
[physico-chemical properties of microbial antigens and the immuno-allergic tests].experiments were conducted on guinea pigs sensitized by the delayed and immediate types of allergy. different antigens obtained from the strain of brucella abortus ba-19 were used for sensitization and the resolving action. comparison of the resolving properties of the corpuscular, soluble (ultrasound treated) antigens and purified protein fractions, polysaccharide and rna was carried out in the skin reactions of the immediate and delayed type, passive skin anaphylaxis, acute anaphylactic shock, ...197896888
maternal vitamin e alters passively acquired immunity of chicks.passively transferred antibody levels were significantly increased in plasma of two- and seven-day-old chicks when the dams were fed 150 and 450 p.p.m. vitamin e prior to immunization with brucella abortus. however, if the hens were fed 90, 300 and 900 p.p.m. vitamin e before immunization, the chicks evidenced no increase in antibody titers relative to controls. this nonlinear antibody response by the reticulo-endothelial system to vitamin e confirms in gallus domesticus similar results reported ...197897647
whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay for measurement of cell-mediated immune responses in bovine brucellosis.a study was conducted to develop an in vitro whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay for measurement of cell-mediated immune response in bovine brucellosis. a soluble antigen (basa) prepared from killed cells of brucella abortus 1119-3 was used. cattle infected with b. abortus field strains, b. abortus 19 calfhood- and adult-vaccinated cattle, and nonexposed cattle were tested. blood was diluted 10-fold in rpmi-1640 medium (without added serum) and cultured with basa (at a concentration of 2.2 ...197897304
international standard for anti-brucella abortus serum: comparison of the complement-fixing activity of the first and second international standards and the eec standard.although the three standards have similar agglutinating activities, it was found that the first international standard had about half the complement-fixing activity of the second international standard and the eec standard. the complement-fixing activities of the latter two standards were similar. on the basis of these results, showing that the agglutination and complement-fixation tests measure different biological activities in anti-brucella abortus sera, the who expert committee on biological ...197896951
further studies on the h-2 linked dependence of the adjuvant action of brucella abortus.the b 19s strain of brucella abortus is found to act as an adjuvant to the anti-sheep red blood cell (srbc) reaction in some congenic strains of mice but not in others. if the recipient is h-2b, there is no adjuvant effect (b 19s); neither is there (thymus-dependent anti-b 19s reaction as measured by thymocyte activation and change of electrophoretic mobility. in contrast, there is a thymus-independent anti-b 19s reaction (production of haemagglutinins) as good in the h-2b mice as in the others. ...197896008
protection of mice against haemoprotozoan babesia microti with brucella abortus strain 19.when brucella abortus strain 19 is given intraperitoneally to mice it protects them against subsequent infection with large doses of babesia microti. the protection obtained was more effective when b. abortus was given intraperitoneally than when it was injected subcutaneously. this non-specific protection seems to be best explained by the stimulation of macrophages so as to release a mediator which limits the intracellular replication of the parasites.197895914
ia antigens in serum during different murine infections.there exists in the mouse a family of i-region-controlled (ia) antigens which carry carbohydrate-defined determinants. these antigens appear in serum as glycolipids and seem to be actively secreted by antigen-activated t-cells. this paper describes the ability of selected viral, bacterial, and protozoal infections of mice to markedly alter the serum levels of these ia antigens. all the infectious agents examined induced substantial augmentation or suppression of serum ia concentrations or both. ...197994905
differentiation of antibodies against brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was found to be from ten to hundred-fold more sensitive than commonly used tube agglutination text. the elisa using both direct and indirect inhibition assays revealed antigenic differences between brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica o-group v (serotype 9), which are undetected by commonly used serological routine tests. the results point to the possibility that the elisa assay can be used as a serological method for differentiation between ...197994003
[antigenic structure of the l forms of br. abortus 544].the gel precipitation test after ouchterlony and mancini was employed to study comparatively the antigenic structures of s and l forms of brucella abortus 544. reduction of the antigenic fractions was established with the l-transformed brucella organisms as compared to the initial cultures. reduced were mainly fractions of the antigenic structures that took part in cell wall building. cytoplasmic antigens remained unchanged. those that participated in the building of cell walls precipitated in c ...197992852
radioimmunoassay of igm, igg, and iga brucella antibodies.a radioimmunoassay (r.i.a.) has been devised to measure the serum antibody against brucella abortus in each of the immunoglobulin classes igm, igg, and iga. this test was applied to 46 sera from individuals with various clinical types of brucellosis, and the results were compared with the results of conventional direct and indirect agglutination and complement-fixation tests. the r.i.a. provided a highly sensitive primary-type assay which avoided the difficulties with blocking or non-agglutinati ...197768181
[aspects related to the antigenic structure and serological specificity of brucellae phylogenetically related to s- and r-forms and dissociated into r-variants].the antigenic structures and serological properties of brucellae s- and r-forms, phylogenetically differentiated, and dissociated r-variants are studied by means of gel-precipitation, immunoelectrophoresis and fixation of the complement. the brucella suis 1330s, brucella suis 1330r, brucella ovis 02 and brucella abortus 99 are involved in the experiments. both specific and general antigenic structures are established in all strains studied, but only homologous antibodies from the antigen-antibod ...197888791
influence of the antigenicity of brucella preparations on modulation of the immune response to sheep erythrocytes.the relationship between the expression of surface antigenicity of inactivated brucella and the immunostimulant properties on the sheep erythrocyte response was studied in mice. the agglutinogenic brucella abortus b19s preparation was compared to two non-agglutinogenic preparations (b19r and pb), using the plaque-forming and rosette-forming cell tests. when brucella and antigen were injected together, only non-agglutinogenic preparations, even used at low doses, were able to increase the plaque- ...197878896
isolation of a phage lytic for several brucella species following propagation of tbilisi phage in the presence of mitomycin c.a new brucella-phage, designated d, was isolated from a batch of tbilisi phage grown on brucella abortus strain 544 in the presence of mitomycin c. although resembling tbilisi phage in morphology, it differed in its host range, adsorption properties, chemical stability and antigenic specificity.197770199
biochemical basis of the serological cross-reactions between brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:9.a method based on the inhibition of agglutination is described that may be used for the differential serological diagnosis between b. abortus and y. enterocolitica serotype o:9. an antigen with high immunological capacity was isolated from brucella. this antigen inhibited both homologous and heterologous agglutination by brucella antiserum, but only the heterologous agglutination by yersinia antiserum. it proved to be constitued of a polysaccharide (n-acetylglucosamine, glucose, mannose and 2-ke ...197559566
shared antigens between bacteria and guinea pig line 10 hepatocarcinoma cells.this study was undertaken to investigate the possibility that listeria monocytogenes, brucella abortus, and salmonella typhimurium share antigenic components with guinea pig line 10 hepatocarcinoma cells. rabbits were immunized with sonicates of these bacteria or line 10 tumor cells. other rabbits were immunized with line 1 cells, a tumor with antigenic characteristics different from those of line 10. the binding of antibodies to radiolabeled antigens prepared from extracts of bacteria and line ...197657823
effect of ochratoxin and aflatoxin on serum proteins, complement activity, and antibody production to brucella abortus in guinea pigs.the effect of ochratoxin alone and in combination with aflatoxin and brucella abortus antigen on complement activity, serum proteins, and antibody response in guinea pigs was investigated. ochratoxin did not affect complement activity or antibody response and there was no interaction between ochratoxin and aflatoxin on any of the responses tested. ochratoxin significantly lowered the level of beta-globulin in serum of guinea pigs. there was no significant interaction between aflatoxin and antige ...197545955
studies on antibody levels to brucella abortus, toxoplasma gondii and leptospira serogroups in sera collected by the national serum bank during 1974-1976.the new zealand national serum bank is a collection of human sera consisting predominantly of specimens taken from healthy new zealand blood donors. the studies presented here were designed to assess the antibody levels in two urban centres to brucella abortus, toxoplasma gondii and several leptospiral serogroups including all those found in new zealand. in none of the sera could complement fixing leptospiral antibodies be detected. there was evidence of low level immunity to both toxoplasma gon ...197944946
antibody response to antigens distinct from smooth lipopolysaccharide complex in brucella infection.the smooth lipopolysaccharide complex of the outer surface of smooth brucella abortus cells is believed to be the antigenic component involved in serological tests routinely used for the diagnosis of brucellosis. sera from cattle vaccinated or infected with b. abortus generally contain antibody directed toward the smooth lipopolysaccharide complex. the brucella organism contains a large number of other antigenically distinct components. the biological significance of some of these antigens has b ...1978101470
oral administration of killed brucella abortus may increase immunity. 1979107849
[effect of physical and chemical factors on the antigenic activity of the cell walls of brucella abortus 99].studied was the effect of some physical and chemical factors--heating, acidity, treatment with ultraviolet rays, and enzyme treatment--on the activity of the brucella abortus 99 cell wall antigen. the activity of the antigen was determined through the microreaction of complement-fixing after kolmer. it was found that the antigen was most sensitive to acid treatment and treatment with ultraviolet rays, and was more slightly sensitive to the effect of alkaline agents and pronase. besides, the anti ...197833483
cellular immunity against bacteria (intracellular and extracellular parasites) in experimentally aged rats (author's transl).the authors study the activity of res in rats with progeria-like syndrome of selye, at the occasion of a repeated infection with bacteria--intracellular parasites (brucella abortus 19) and bacteria--extracellular parasites (diplococcus pneumoniae). they establish that immunization improves the activity of res of the experimentally aged rats; still, its phagocytic and digestive functions remain by far feebler than those of the rats unsubjected to experimental ageing. by the aged animals the res i ...19768877
congenital brucellosis in cattle associated with localisation in a hygroma.a heifer born to a cow experimentally infected with brucella abortus strain 544 and reared in isolation from its birth was found infected. antibodies appeared when it was 10 months old. the heifer calved normally. brucella abortus of the same characteristics as strain 544 was recovered from a hygroma and from lymph nodes and udder. five heifers out of 55 (about 10 per cent) born to infected dams and reared in isolation from their birth were found to be infected.1978102074
comparison of sensitivity and specificity of purified lymphocyte and whole-blood in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assays in detection of brucella abortus infection in cattle.a study was conducted to compare the sensitivity and specificity of purified lymphocyte and whole-blood in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assays in detection of brucella abortus infection in cattle. cattle used were infected with b. abortus field strains or strain 19. peripheral blood was collected, and lymphocytes for the technique. the blood for the whole-blood lymphocyte stimulation assay was diluted 10-fold with rpmi 1640 medium (without additional serum supplement) and cultured. the two tests ...1978102656
resistance to tumor graft in mice treated with inactivated brucella abortus cultured in smooth or rough phase.because killed brucella abortus organisms cultured in smooth (s) or rough (r) phase were known to differentially influence humoral and cellular immune responses and to differ in their effects on t-dependent responses, the antitumor properties of killed b. abortus organisms, cultured in s- or r-phase and then inactivated, were compared in (c57bl/6 x dba/2)f1 female mice with the use of 6 different transplantable tumors. in solid tumors, the antitumor effects produced by s-preparations were never ...1979102858
the effects of brucella abortus on serology, bacteriology, and production in three texas cattle herds. 1978109847
a study of the spleen and blood of rats infected with massive doses of brucella abortus. 1978102878
destructive aortic valve endocarditis from brucella abortus: survival with emergency aortic valve replacement.brucella abortus infection of the aortic valve caused acute aortic regurgitation leading to severe left ventricular failure in a 62-year-old man. he made an excellent recovery after emergency aortic valve replacement. this is the third reported case of successful heart valve replacement for brucella endocarditis and the second such case involving the aortic valve.1978103238
cell-mediated immune response after brucella abortus s19 vaccination.cell-mediated immunity to brucella abortus s19 vaccine was measured in young heifers by the microassay for stimulation of protein synthesis (sps) with [3h]leucine and the skin test for delayed hypersensitivity. brucella melitensis protein allergen and a crude b abortus s19-soluble antigen were compared in the sps test. the sps test was negative in 5 unvaccinated heifers and strongly positive in 3 twice-vaccinated steers. however, the sps test was positive only in 13 of 30 s19-vaccinated heifers ...1978103470
utilization of a specific in vitro lymphocyte immunostimulation assay as an aid in detection of brucella-infected cattle not detected by serological tests.studies using the in vitro lymphocyte stimulation test (lst) were conducted with cattle in a dairy herd with a high percentage of reactors to several serological tests for brucellosis. lymphocytes were prepared from peripheral bovine blood by the ficoll-diatrizoate technique. lymphocytes were cultured using microtitration culture plates. brucella abortus soluble antigen, at a concentration of 4.4 microgram/culture, was added to the appropriate wells of microtitration culture plates and incubated ...1978103888
failure of routine methods in the diagnosis of chronic brucellosis.a young man who was raised on a farm and developed recurrent subcutaneous abscesses is described. multiple cultures revealed either no growth or normal skin flora. routine serologic evaluation for brucella agglutinins was negative, including serial dilution to greater than 1:1,000 of the patient's sera. brucella abortus infection was documented by the use of a binding antibody assay to measure the patient's class-specific serologic response and obtaining a positive culture by incorporating methi ...1979104395
cell-mediated and humoral immune responses of cattle to brucella abortus, mycobacterium bovis, and tetanus toxoid: evaluation of immunization and assay techniques.a concentration of 2.5 x 10(-5) m 2-mercaptoethanol (2-me) added to the medium in lymphocyte blastogenesis assays increased both the uptake of [3h]thymidine in unstimulated lymphocyte cultures and the probability of detecting antigen-sensitized cattle. the use of 2-me did not cause lymphocytes from unsensitized cattle to react positively in blastogenesis assays. a crude brucella lysate prepared from brucella abortus strain 19 was compared with a well-characterized brucella protein allergen prepa ...1978104645
cell-mediated and humoral immune responses of cattle to brucella abortus, mycobacterium bovis, and tetanus toxoid: immunization of the fetus. 1978104646
macrophage activation and antitumor activity of a brucella abortus ether extract, bru-pel.bru-pel and brucella abortus lipopolysaccharide (lps) were tested for both macrophage activation and antitumor activity in an artificial metastasis model. resting macrophages were rendered nonspecifically tumoricidal for mbl-2 lymphoblastic leukemia target cells by exposure to bru-pel at greater than or equal to 1 ng/ml of culture medium. b. abortus lps failed to activate macrophages in vitro at all concentrations tested. ip treatment of homozygous nude mice with bru-pel induced cytotoxic macrop ...1978103619
soluble antigens of virulent and attenuated biotypes of brucella abortus.several methods were used to characterize three brucella abortus biotypes (1, 5, and 7), including the attenuated vaccine strain s-19. chemical analysis did not reveal remarkable differences among these strains, and only minor differences were noted in elution patterns of soluble extracts subjected to column chromatography. qualitative and quantitative differences in extract components were demonstrated, however, by polyacrylamide gel isoelectric focusing. a distinctive difference was the presen ...1978103842
brucella antigen preparations for in vitro lymphocyte immunostimulation assays in bovine brucellosis.three brucella antigen preparations, brucella abortus soluble antigen, b. abortus strain 45/20 enriched protein antigen, and b. melitensis enriched protein antigen, were compared in terms of their ability to induce specific in vitro lymphocyte immunostimulation responses. lymphocytes were prepared from peripheral blood of cattle with different exposure experiences to b. abortus organisms. lymphocytes were processed by the ficoll-diatrizoate technique, and results were assayed for [3h]tymidine in ...1978103831
immunofluorescent studies of the local immune response in the mammary glands of rats.two irritants, phosphate-buffered saline and alcohol, and antigens including killed brucella abortus, live b. abortus, staphylococcus aureus, and rat parvovirus were separately infused into rat mammary glands during pregnancy, and by using immunofluorescent techniques, the numbers of immunoglobulin-containing cells in glands during lactation and involution were determined. the study provided basic information on the local immune response of the mammary gland to antigens of various types. in all ...1979106012
enhancement of resistance to murine osteogenic sarcoma in vivo by an extract of brucella abortus (bru-pel): association with activation of reticuloendothelial system macrophages.the administration of an aqueous-ether extracted residue of brucella abortus (bru-pel) inhibits development of transplanted osteogenic sarcomas in mice as evidenced by a decrease in mortality. at least one mechanism through which bru-pel modulates host resistance is activation of macrophages of the reticuloendothelial system. peritoneal macrophages harvested from mice receiving bru-pel were cytotoxic for osteogenic sarcoma cells in vitro, limited the replication of vaccinia virus in cell culture ...1979106004
the relationship of brucella abortus titers to equine fistulous withers in ethiopia. 1979107647
resistance of normal or immunized guinea pigs against a subcutaneous challenge of brucella abortus.guinea pigs were inoculated subcutaneously into a hind footpad with brucella abortus. unimmunized guinea pigs had little capacity for barring brucella from spreading to their spleens: the inoculum dose needed to infect 50% of the spleens one month after inoculation was about 10 brucella. when the size of the challenge inoculum reached approximately 5 x 10(3) id50 a previous immunization with killed or virulent brucella: --did not prevent the challenge bacteria from reaching the lymph nodes near ...1978107845
a solid-phase radioimmunoassay for the determination of bacterial-specific antibodies within different immunoglobulin classes: application to bovine brucella abortus antibodies.a solid-phase radioimmunoassay (ria) has been developed for quantitation of class-specific antibodies against bacteria. brucella abortus cells were used to sensitize glass tubes after sedimentation, drying and methanol fixation. bovine antibodies that attached to the bacteria were detected by binding of a rabbit antiserum specific for each class or subclass of bovine immunoglobulins followed by binding of 125i sheep anti-rabbit immunoglobulin reagent. this three-step method was adapted as it was ...1978107846
results of trial use of h-38 vaccine for immunizing beef heifers against experimental exposure to brucella abortus, strain 2308. 1978109844
results of using h-38 brucella vaccine as a therapeutic agent in beef cattle experimentally infected with brucella abortus, strain 2308. 1978109845
brucella antibody in milk following vaccination of adult cattle with a reduced dose of brucella abortus strain 19. 1978109846
cell-mediated immune responses in cattle vaccinated with killed brucella melitensis strain h-38 vaccine or infected with viable brucella abortus strain 2308 organisms, or both. 1979110181
macrophage activation during experimental murine brucellosis: a basis for chronic infection.evidence is presented that the chronicity of infection in cba mice after injection of brucella abortus 19 is related to a number of factors: (i) the relative resistance of b. abortus to macrophage killing, which allowed some bacteria to survive the peak of macrophage activity occurring at 14 days; (ii) the decline in macrophage activity thereafter (this decline was related in part to the presence of fewer bacteria to stimulate the bactericidal activity and also to specific, active suppressor mec ...1979106010
a study of the macro and micro immunoglobulins to brucella abortus and their transfer from cow to calf via the colostrum.samples of adult bovine serum, colostrum, the serum of unsuckled and suckled calves were subjected to gel filtration through sephadex g 200. all samples (except those of unsuckled calves) contained antibodies to brucella abortus. four phases were recorded in normal adult serum corresponding to igm, igg, albumin and a fourth phase of smaller nitrogen-containing molecules. in colostrum phase 2 was relatively large and phase 3 was absent indicating absence of albumin. in the serum of the unsuckled ...1978106762
immunochemical studies on a yersinia enterocolitica o:9 lipopolysaccharide cross-reacting with brucella abortus and vibrio cholerae extracts.the presence of two distinct lipopolysaccharides in yersinia enterocolitica o:9 is described: one isolated from the aqueous phase and one from the phenol phase (westphal system). the sugar moiety of the phenol phase lipopolysaccharide has been identified as being responsible for the serologic cross-reaction of y. enterocolitica o:9, brucella abortus and vibrio cholerae. the phenol phase antigen consists of glucose, galactose, glucosamine, 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonic acid, heptose, lipid a and a protei ...1978106756
immune and mitogenic responses by balb/c, c3h/hej, and nude mice to brucella abortus bacterin and lipopolysaccharide.the immunogenic and mitogenic properties of brucella abortus 1119-3 bacterin (ba) and biologically active b. abortus lipopolysaccharide (ba-lps) were studied using normal and athymic (nude) balb/c and c3h/hej mice. although ba stimulated 2-mercaptoethanol-sensitive (2-me-s) primary and secondary antibody responses in all mice, nude mice, in contrast to normal balb/c and c3h/hej mice, did not make substantial 2-mercaptoethanol-resistant (2-me-r) antibody responses. similarly, all mice injected wi ...1979110698
[quantitative changes in the cellular makeup of the spleen in mice infected with the rauscher leukemia virus and brucella abortus].changes in the absolute number of splenic cells of mice infected with rauscher leukemia virus (rlv) and a day later--with living brucella (ba) were studied. the increase in the absolute number of splenic cells of mice infected with rlv + ba was initially caused by the lymphoid tissue reaction to brycella and then by the development of leukemia. the number of reticular cells in the spleen appeared to be larger than the control (rlv) within all observation periods; the number of basophilic normocy ...1979111416
surface macromolecules and virulence in intracellular parasitism: comparison of cell envelope components of smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus.the surface topography of whole cells and the chemical composition of cell envelopes of a smooth-intermediate strain (45/0) and a rough strain (45/20) of brucella abortus was examined. electron microscopy of whole cells and thin sections did not reveal any gross surface difference(s). only minor quantitative differences were observed in total lipids, proteins, and the murein layer. however, the lipopolysaccharide composition of the two strains was quite different. both phenol- and water-soluble ...1979110683
interaction of polymorphonuclear leukocytes with smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus.the bactericidal activity of guinea pig and human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmns) against a smooth-intermediate strain (45/0) and a rough strain (45/20) of brucella abortus has been examined. after incubation for 120 min, guinea pig pmns incubated with either the smooth strain 45/0 or the rough strain 45/20 exhibited no bactericidal activity against the former and caused only a 34% decrease in viability of the latter. human pmns were more bactericidal than guinea pig pmns to both strains; ho ...1979110680
the half-life of bovine (incomplete) antibodies to brucella abortus.the half-life of bovine immunoglobulins was established in a group of 60 calves suckled on non-infected dams immunised with antigens to brucella abortus. the half-life of the "incomplete antibody" as determined by the anti-bovine globulin test was 20.9 days. up to 45 days, the mean half-life of antibodies in the calves was 17.1 days; from 46 to 99 days it was 21.1 days and for periods exceeding 100 days it was 24.4 days. in 39 calves born of and suckled on infected dams the mean half-life of ant ...1978112757
evaluation of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting brucella abortus antibodies.the specificity of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) corresponds to conventional methods for detecting brucella antibodies in bovine serum. the elisa test detected brucella antibodies early in only 12.5% of the cattle sera tested. also, the sensitivity of elisa was comparable to complement-fixation and rivanol methods, but less sensitive than the standard tube agglutination method.1979112893
immunogenic activity of a cell wall fraction extracted from brucella abortus in guinea-pigs.a cell wall fraction (f8) extracted by boiling sodium dodecylsulfate at 4 % from brucella abortus 99s was used with oil adjuvant to vaccinate groups of ten guinea-pigs, at doses equivalent to 1 x 10(9) and 1 x 10(10) bacteria, once or twice at 3 month intervals. h38 vaccine, a total cell vaccine from formalized b. melitensis 53 h38, was used as a reference, at doses 3 x 10(8) and 3 x 10(9) bacteria. these doses were chosen since they have about the same vaccinal activity in mice being respective ...1978112900
chemical characterization and biological properties of lipopolysaccharides isolated from smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus.the chemical composition and some of the biological activities of lipopolysaccharides (lps) extracted from a smooth-intermediate strain (45/0) and a rough strain (45/20) of brucella abortus have been examined. lps were found in both the phenolic and aqueous extraction phases of strain 45/0, but only in the aqueous phase of 45/20. the phenolic lps contained 9- to 16-fold-lower levels of heptose and reduced amounts of dideoxyaldoses compared with aqueous fractions. the major neutral sugars were gl ...1979110682
spondylitis caused by brucella abortus.a case of severe chronic spondylitis of the lumbar spine caused by brucella abortus is presented. infection was probably associated with ingestion of raw cow's milk. a technetium bone scan provided evidence of activity as early as two years before the radiographic abnormalities were evident. although rarely seen in brucellosis, a large left psoas abscess formed. after extensive resection and debridement of all necrotic tissue, along with prolonged use of oral doxycycline, the patient recovered c ...1979112691
observations on single brucellosis reactors in large herds.over a 3 year period specimens were collected from single reacting cattle to the complement fixation test for brucellosis from large herds in north queensland. twenty-four such reactors were destroyed for culture, and brucella abortus was isolated on 3 occasions. the existence of such low levels of br. abortus in large herds should not be overlooked in the eradication campaign. explanations were found for 17 of the single reactors, and included introduction of cattle to the herd, exposure to adj ...1979111662
growth agglutination and growth inhibition tests in the diagnosis of brucellosis.growth agglutination and growth inhibition tests were established for the diagnosis of brucella abortus infection. the former involves the agglutination of living organisms while the latter is a bactericidal test. using mouse, guinea-pig, rabbit and bovine serum it was shown that the growth agglutination test is approximately ten times, and the growth inhibition test one hundred times, more sensitive than the conventional tube agglutination test. it is suggested that these techniques may be of a ...1979114579
temporal cell-mediated immune responses of cattle following experimental and natural exposure to living brucella abortus.a study on cell-mediated immune responses in cattle with different exposure experiences to brucella abortus was conducted by an in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assay. the purpose of this study was to determine how soon the cell-mediated immune responses would be detected following experimental exposure to b. abortus and to study the cell-mediated immune trend following experimental and natural exposure of cattle to b. abortus. the first positive cell-mediated immune responses occurred one to two ...1979115558
effect of halothane anaesthesia on primary antibody response in the chicken.the effect of a single anaesthesia of 2 hours' duration with 1% v/v halothane and of 1, 2, and 3 hours' duration with 2% v/v halothane was studied on the primary antibody response in line-bred chickens. in contradistinction to earlier studies, the immunisation was performed during anaesthesia to resemble antigenic exposure in surgical practice. the igg and igm antibodies against the antigens, bovine serum albumin (bsa) and formalin-killed brucella abortus organisms (brucella), were quantified by ...1979115219
identification of amino sugars from bacterial lipopolysaccharides by gas chromatography electron impact and chemical ionization mass spectrometry.amino sugars isolated from lipopolysaccharides of brucella suis, brucella abortus and neisseria gonorrhoeae colony types 1 and 4 were identified using gas chromatography electron impact and chemical ionization mass spectrometry. lipopolysaccharides were obtained by aqueous ether or aqueous phenol extraction. isolated lipopolysaccharides were hydrolyzed in 1% acetic acid followed by hydrolysis of the polysaccharide moiety in 2 nhcl for 6 h at 100 degrees c. amino sugars were first isolated by elu ...1978107981
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for bovine immunoglobulin subclass-specific response to brucella abortus enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was developed to follow the bovine response, by immunoglobulin class and subclass, to defined smooth and rough lipopolysaccharides (lps) of brucella abortus. binding to smooth lps of immunoglobulin g1 (igg1) and igg2 in sera from brucella-infected animals was significantly greater than binding in sera from normal uninfected animals. competition or steric blocking among igm, igg1, and igg2 for binding sites on smooth lps was shown to occur. binding of igm to b ...1979115797
brucella abortus lipopolysaccharide is mitogenic for spleen cells of endotoxin-resistant c3h/hej mice.preparations of lipopolysaccharide (lps) from rough and smooth strains of brucella abortus were mitogenic for spleen cells of athymic nude mice, c3h/heau mice, and the endotoxin-resistant c3h/hej mice. the mitogenic response induced by crude smooth-lps (f5) was greater than that produced by purified smooth-lps (f5p); however, the dose-response curves were similar for both preparations. the mitogenic activity of mouse spleen cells to both f5 and f5p was higher than that produced by stimulation wi ...1979115923
radial immunodiffusion test with a brucella polysaccharide antigen for differentiating infected from vaccinated cattle.a brucella antigen containing polysaccharide but lacking smooth lipopolysaccharide was employed in a rapid radial immunodiffusion test. with this serological test, cattle infected with brucella abortus could be identified in recently vaccinated herds which had high numbers of reactors to standard diagnostic tests.1979115896
purification and characterization of smooth and rough lipopolysaccharides from brucella an attempt to obtain pure and well characterized smooth lipopolysaccharide (s-lps) and rough lipopolysaccharide (r-lps), smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus were extracted by two different modifications of the phenol-water method. s-lps was obtained in the phenol phase, and r-lps was obtained in the aqueous phase. further purification was accomplished by treatment with enzymes, detergents, nai as a chaotropic agent to separate non-covalently bound contaminants, and by gel filtration. ...1979108257
serological differentiation between infected and vaccinated cattle by visual and quantitative immunofluorescence using brucella abortus antigen coupled sepharose beads.the ability to differentiate cattle infected with brucellosis from animals vaccinated against the disease is of considerable economic advantage in countries adopting eradication schemes. current serological tests such as bacterial tube agglutination do not readily distinguish cattle in this way. an immunofluorescent procedure was investigated in an attempt to overcome this problem. antigenic extract of brucella abortus strain 544/w were coupled to sodium metaperiodate oxidised sepharose cl4b bea ...1979117052
selective neutralization by antiinterferon globulin of macrophage activation by l-cell interferon, brucella abortus ether extract, salmonella typhimurium lipopolysaccharide, and polyanions. 1979116771
enzyme immunoassay for detecting brucella antibodies in cow's enzyme immunoassay (eia) was developed for detecting brucella antibodies in milk of cows infected with brucella abortus. the enzyme immunoassay using heat-killed cells of b. abortus strain 19 was of comparable sensitivity to the brucella ring test in detecting antibodies in milk of a reference positive control cow experimentally infected with b. abortus strain 2308 and in milk of 16 naturally infected cows from which b. abortus was isolated. no detectable enzyme immunoassay reactions were pre ...1979117023
[brucella abortus of bovine origin in senegal: identification and typing]. 1979118497
cell-mediated immune responses in cattle adult-vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19 and in cattle infected with brucella abortus field strain.cell-mediated immune responses in cattle adult-vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19, cattle infected with b abortus field strain, and nonexposed cattle were studied by an in vitro lumphocyte-stimulation test (lst). lymphocytes were prepared from peripheral bovine blood by the ficoll-diatrizoate technique, and results were assayed for [3h]thymidine incorporation into dna by liquid scintillation spectrometry. serotests and bacteriologic isolation attempts were conducted simultaneously with l ...1979118688
effects of cyclophosphamide on the lymphoid tissues and humoral and cellular immune responsiveness of young calves.cyclophosphamide (cy) was given iv to 5-month-old calves (ten doses; each dose of 5.0 mg/kg, 2-day intervals between doses). the effects of cy on circulating leukocytes, lymphoid tissues, and the humoral and cellular immune responses were assessed. the numbers of total leukocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils and platelets decreased significantly. the lymphocyte population was depleted in the cortex of the thymus and b-dependent areas of the spleen and lymph nodes. significant decreases occurred ...1979118689
longitudinal studies of naturally acquired brucella abortus infection in sheep.naturally acquired brucella abortus infections were studied during consecutive pregnancies in eight sheep and in their lambs over a period of 40 months to evaluate epizootiologic aspects of natural infection in sheep. brucella abortus was isolated from the ewes following 16 of 26 natural terminations of pregnancy: from 5 of 6 ewes in the first year, from six of eight ewes in the second year, from two of six ewes in the third year, and from three of six ewes in the fourth year. vaginal swab sampl ...1979118693
suppression of antibody response to leptospira biflexa and brucella abortus and recovery from immunosuppression after berenil treatment.zebu cattle infected with either trypanosoma congolense eatro 1800 or trypanosoma vivax eatro 1721 had suppressed humoral immune responses to leptospira biflexa injected intravenously and to attenuated brucella abortus injected subcutaneously. t. congolense infections were more suppressive than t. vivax infections. in cattle infected with t. vivax, the suppression of immune responses to both bacterial immunogens was abrogated when the animals were treated with berenil at the time of antigen admi ...1979118933
biotypes of brucella abortus and their value in epidemiologic studies of infected cattle herds.four texas cattle herds containing cows infected with either brucella abortus biotype 1, 2, or 4 were studied to determine the probability of transmission of brucella between adjacent cattle herds, the most probable means by which brucella was introduced into the herds, and the relative frequency of strain 19 isolation from vaccinated cattle. a total of 1,935 cattle in the four herds were tested for brucellosis; 339 reactors were identified, and isolations of b abortus were made from 143. the bi ...1979118953
[brucella abortus biotype 2 isolated from a patient in the republic of argentina]. 1979119125
[influence of the sterilization technic and culture media components on the growth and dissociation of brucella abortus strain 19 in submerged cultures].submerged cultures of brucella abortus strain 19 were studied in shaking flasks. the influence of the sterilization methods and the medium composition on the bacterial yield and cellular dissociation were studied. the selected medium was as follows (amounts in g/l): casein pancreatic hydrolizated 30; yeast extract 10; glucose, 30; sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous 3,3; sodium monobasic monohydrate 9. cell concentration of 8 . 10(10) viable cell/ml was obtained after 48 hours when the medium com ...1978119282
isolation of brucella abortus and brucella abortus, strain 19, from cattle.tissues from 104 cows in herd were examined for brucellae. brucella abortus, strain 19, was isolated from 22 cows, a field strain of b abortus, biotype 1, was isolated from 9 cows, and both strains were isolated from 2 cows.1979109423
kinetics of detection of blastogenic responses of neonatal calves inoculated in utero with tetanus toxoid, killed mycobacterium bovis, and killed brucella abortus.nine pregnant cows were laparotomized and their fetuses were immunized with tetanus toxoid, killed brucella abortus, and killed mycobacterium bovis. blastogenesis assays and total leukocyte and differential counts were done when the calves were 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 21, 28, and 60 days of age. initial blastogenesis responses to antigens, phytohemagglutinin, and concanavalin a were not positive as frequently as were the responses obtained when the calves were 2 to 3 weeks of age. the probability of obt ...1979117730
the activity of chlorhexidine gluconate against brucella abortus. 1979117607
persistence of brucella abortus infection in six herds of cattle under brucellosis eradication. 1979119934
in vivo effect of levamisole on cellular and humoral immunity in normal chickens.the effect of levamisole in vivo was studied on the pha and con a responses of chicken peripheral blood lymphocytes and on the in vivo antibody response to a thymus dependent antigen (bsa) and to a thymus independent antigen (brucella abortus). levamisole (0.25 mg/kg) increased significantly both the pha and con a responses of chicken blood lymphocytes. the antigens were given at the time of enhanced mitogenic responses and a significant increase was observed in both igm and igg antibodies to bs ...1979119598
the relationship between the protective and cross-reacting antigens of brucella spp., yersinia enterocolitica 0:9 and salmonella serotypes of kauffmann-white group n.vaccination with killed cells of brucella abortus, yersinia enterocolitica 0:9 and salmonella neusdorf evoked cross-reacting antibodies in guinea pigs but only the homologous antigen effectively produced protective immunity to br. abortus. none of these preparations induced protective immunity to y. enterocolitica in gerbils but all stimulated protective immunity to s. landau in balb/c mice. the antigenic determinants responsible for protective immunity to salmonella infection were located on th ...1979119612
experimental studies on the serological relationships between yersinia enterocolitica and brucella abortus.yersinia enterocolitica o9 was shown to provoke o, oh and h antibody response in calves. brucella abortus failed to generate yersinia h antibody response and generated brucella o antibodies that cross-reacted with yersinia o and oh antigens. the presence of yersinia h agglutinins along with a higher titre of yersinia oh antibody than brucella o antibody is suggestive of subclinical infection with yersiniosis rather than brucellosis. cross-absorption of sera from calves with established yersinia ...1979120574
brucella abortus in coyotes. i. a serologic and bacteriologic survey in eastern texas.prevalence of brucella abortus serum antibodies in coyotes from east central texas was determined by the buffered brucella antigen (card test), rivanol, standard agglutination tube, and cold complement fixation tube tests. eighteen percent (9 of 51) of the coyotes were positive serologically. b. abortus biotype 1 was isolated from various tissues from 7 of 43 coyotes by bacteriologic culture. congenital transmission was found.1979116012
cell-mediated immune responses in cattle vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine and nonexposed control animals of the same age.cell-mediated immune (cmi) responses in cattle vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine during calfhood were studied by an in vitro lymphocyte stimulation assay. cattle were grouped in six groups according to the age after vaccination, and cmi responses of these groups, as well as of individual animals, were compared. lymphocytes were prepared from peripheral blood of these cattle by the ficoll-diatrizoate technique. lymphocytes were then cultured with b abortus-soluble antigen. cultur ...1979116578
comparison of brucella abortus and brucella melitensis infections of mice and their effect on acquired cellular using mice infected with strains of brucella abortus and brucella melitensis we examined the histological responses to infection, the relationship of histology to persistence of organisms, and the relation of persistence of organisms to the acquisition of acquired cellular resistance (acr). infection with b. abortus resulted in well-formed granulomas in the livers, which persisted for more than 30 days. in contrast, infection with b. melitensis produced microabscesses in the livers which reso ...1979121113
immunological responses of fluke-infected and fluke-free cattle to salmonella dublin and other antigens.immune responses to heat-killed brucella abortus strain 19 and to ovalbumin were compared in 15 fluke-infected and 15 fluke-free friesian heifers. b abortus was injected 16 weeks and ovalbumin 19 weeks after the oral administration of 1000 metacercariae of fasciola hepatica. agglutinating antibody responses to b abortus were similar in both groups. immediate type hypersensitivity to ovalbumin was apparently suppressed in fluke-infected animals when assessed by active and passive cutaneous anaphy ...1979120572
specific in-vitro lymphocyte immunostimulation activities of brucella abortus fractions obtained by column chromatography. 1979120798
isolation and characterization of toxic fractions from brucella abortus.two types of toxic fractions, protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich, were isolated from attenuated (strain 19) and virulent (strain 2308) brucella abortus organisms. polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the protein-rich fraction, in the presence and absence of sodium dodecyl sulfate, revealed qualitative and quantitative differences in the protein bands derived from the attenuated and virulent strains. sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis indicated that the major differences between these pr ...1979121112
effect of reduced dosages of brucella abortus strain 19 in cattle vaccinated as yearlings. 1979122031
a simple technique to differentiate between animals infected with yersinia enterocolitica ix and those infected with brucella abortus.while both brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica ix have o antigens in common, they differ significantly with respect to motility. thus br abortus is always non-motile while y enterocolitica is motile when grown at room temperature. the presence of yersinia h agglutinins in serum can be shown to be evidence of previous exposure to y enterocolitica. these agglutinins are not generated by brucella infection. a rapid h agglutination test will serve to provide this differentiation without int ...1979122268
[morphology of the cells in the peritoneal exsudate and phosphatase activity of the peritoneal macrophages experimentally aged rats treated with the intracellular bacterium brucella abortus 19 (author's transl)].the authors study the morphology of the cells in the peritoneal exsudate and the phosphatase activity of the peritoneal macrophages, obtained from rats with selye's progeria-like syndrome. judging by their morphologic characteristics the macrophages of the experimentally aged rats, before and after contact with brucella abortus 19 do not differ from those obtained from the unsubjected to experimental ageing rats. the acid phosphatase activity and the adenosinetriphosphatase activity of the macro ...1976134512
modulation of immune response by killed brucella abortus organisms: comparison of the effects of smooth and rough strains on t-dependent responses.inactivated brucella abortus organisms of the smooth (s) or rough (r) strain were tested comparatively on two t-dependent immune responses: mixed-lymphocyte reaction and delayed-type hypersensitivity. the intravenous injection of s organisms depressed the two tests, whereas r organisms increased mixed-lymphocyte reaction and did not alter delayed-type hypersensitivity significantly. this observation may be helpful in understanding the differences in adjuvant properties of s and r brucellae.1978152297
altered immune responsiveness associated with encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits.the variation in immune response of two unrelated colonies of laboratory rabbits to high doses of heat-killed brucella abortus strain 19 was investigated. one was a mixed-breed, multicolored colony in which a high prevalence of encephalitozoonosis had been recorded, whereas the other rabbits were derived from a colony of dutch-marked specific-pathogen-free rabits. although considerable variation in the immune response between individual rabbits was noticed at all bleeds, rabbits infected with en ...1977139377
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