letter: halophilic non-cholera vibrio infections. 197546095
bovine veneral vibriosis: antigenic variation of the bacterium during parasite relationships in the female genital tract were studied in bovine venereal vibriosis by investigating agglutinin production and alterations in superficial antigens of the bacterium during the course of infection in two heifers. cervicovaginal mucus (cvm) steamed cell agglutinins were shown to appear earlier and remain at consistently higher levels than whole-cell agglutinins. whole-cell agglutinin titers fluctuated much more than steamed cell titers, suggesting possible changes in w ...197546214
campylobacter enteritis. 197878329
campylobacter enteritis. 197879071
environmental isolation of heat-tolerant campylobacter in the southampton area. 197881981
campylobacter enteritis associated with canine infection.campylobacter fetus ss. jejuni has recently been recognised as a human enteric pathogen. five cases of campylobacter enteritis are described. all five patients had abdominal pain and diarrhoea. two of the five patients had bloody diarrhoea and relapses. all the patients had been in contact with young dogs which had had diarrhoea. campylobacter fetus ss. jejuni was isolated from these dogs or from their litter-mates. canine infection with campylobacter fetus ss. jejuni may be an important source ...197882001
campylobacter enteritis in a food factory. 197985220
campylobacter enteritis and food production. 197986682
campylobacter infection of premature baby. 197986766
effects of passively and actively acquired antibody on bovine campylobacteriosis (vibriosis). 197988198
campylobacter jejuni post-transfusional septicaemia. 197991012
mechanisms of immunity in bacterial infections. 197995156
infectious diarrhea. 1979111270
incidence of thermophilic campylobacter species in newly imported simian primates with enteritis. 1979117609
elective medium for the direct count of vibrio (campylobacter) fusobacteria, bacteroides, selenomonas and veillonella in the gingival crevice flora. 1975127034
persistent papillomatosis associated with immunodeficiency.a case report of a young bull with persistent papillomatosis associated with immunodeficiency is presented. humoral immune responses were normal but cell mediated immunity was deficient. the possible significance of the findings to pathogenesis and therapy of the disease is discussed.1975165037
studies of the microaerophilic nature of campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni. ii. role of exogenous superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide.the addition of bovine superoxide dismutase to brucella broth or brucellar agar greatly echanced the oxygen tolerance of campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni strain h840 (atcc 29428). catalase also enhanced oxygen tolerance, but to a lesser extent. these enzymes must act externally to the bacteria. all of the diverse compounds which enhance oxygen tolerance of c. fetus, including nor-epinephrine and a combination of ferrous sulfate, sodium metabisulfite, and sodium pyruvate, share the ability to qu ...1979218715
newly recognized infectious diseases. 1979223810
gram-negative bacillary endocarditis. interpretation of the serum bactericial test.although the serum bactericidal test is commonly used in the management of infective endocarditis, little has been written about its validity or limitations. we report three cases of gram-negative bacillary endocarditis (pseudomonas aeruginosa, vibrio fetus and serratia marcescens) encountered in 1 year at a veterans administration hospital. serum bactericidal titers were considered necessary to identify inadequate antibiotic regimens or to avoid unnecessary drug toxicity. the limitations of the ...1975234679
campylobacter enteritis in brussels. 197876138
isolation of campylobacter fetus from recent cases of human vibriosis.campylobacter fetus was isolated from five recent cases of human vibriosis, of which two were adults and three were children. one adult presented with pericarditis and the other with recurrent pyrexia. campylobacter fetus subsp. intestinalis which resembled cattle strains serologically, was isolated under co2 or anaerobic conditions from blood cultures of these patients. two of the three children had kwashiorkor and the third was only 8 days old. isolates identified as campylobacter fetus subsp. ...1977270524
campylobacter enteritis in central africa. 197876137
haemophilus somnus complex: antigenicity and specificity of fractions of haemophilus somnus.five haemophilus somnus type 8025 preparations (whole cell, sonicate, crude polysaccharide, purified polysaccharide, and protein) were produced for studies of their antigenicity in rabbits. bacterial agglutination and passive hemagglutination tests were used to assess the level of antibody produced in rabbits inoculated with the different antigenic preparations. cross-reactions were seen between the antiserums against the h sumnus 8025 antigens and a variety of related and unrelated bovine patho ...197550755
acute campylobacter gastroenteritis and bacteremia. 1979291787
superficial antigens of campylobacter (vibrio) fetus: characterization of antiphagocytic component.a glycoprotein responsible for the antiphagocytic properties of campylobacter fetus has been identified by comparing cells of a wild-type strain with those of a mutant lacking this substance. the antiphagocytic component is demonstrable through electron microscopy as a discrete, negatively charged structure on the periphery of the cell. clt is readily removed from the cell by mild extraction procedures and contributes to the inagglutinability in o antiserum normally displayed by c. fetus. cells ...197546843
campylobacter enteritis and yersinia enterocolitica infection in new zealand.a three-month survey was undertaken to determine the incidence of campylobacter jejuni and yersinia enterocolitica in diarrhoeal disease and acute abdominal disease in palmerston north. c. jejuni was isolated from five domiciliary patients and one hospitalised patient with acute diarrhoea but there were no isolations from patients suffering from acute abdominal disease. the isolation rates for c. jejuni in domiciliary and hospitalised patients with acute diarrhoea were 7.8 percent and 1.7 percen ...1979292870
campylobacter enteritis. 1979293576
the role of bacteroides melaninogenicus and other anaerobes in periodontal infections.recent taxonomic and anatomical studies of dental plaque associated with periodontal health and disease have demonstrated that differences in the microbial populations in plaque may be responsible for the initiation and progression of disease. the consistent isolation of large numbers of anaerobic and capnophilic bacteria from the depths of periodontal lesions has suggested an important role for these organisms. bacteria that have been isolated include capnocytophaga (bacteroides ochraceus), oth ...197944923
haemorrhagic gastroenteritis in a dog. 1979311968
susceptibility of campylobacter fetus to twenty-two antimicrobial vitro susceptibility of 11 recent clinical isolates of campylobacter fetus to 22 antimicrobial agents was determined by an agar dilution technique. unlike most obligate anaerobic gram-negative bacilli, c. fetus isolates tested were relatively resistant to penicillin and cephalosporins, but exquisitely susceptible to tetracyclines and aminoglycosides. all strains were also inhibited at concentrations achievable in serum by clindamycin, chloramphenicol, metronidazole, carbenicillin, ticarcillin ...1978263884
[pediatric aspects of acute infectious diarrhea]. 1979233399
etiology of infantile enteritis in south africa.infantile enteritis constitutes a major health problem in developing countries. several investigations into the etiology of this condition among various south african populations have been undertaken during the past few years. recent studies of black urban infants have revealed that salmonellae, shigellae, enterotoxigenic enterobacteriaceae, and rotaviruses play a relatively minor role in infantile enteritis. on the other hand, all studies, including a number performed several years ago, have de ...1979221438
[infectious causes of perinatal mortalities in ruminants (author's transl)].the advantages and disadvantages of the different diagnostic techniques e.g. pathological and microbiological studies, immunoglobulin and specific antibody determinations and fluorescent antibody studies in relation to these mortalities are discussed. the most important pathological lesions in the placentas and foetuses are described.1978215769
superoxide dismutase and hydrogen peroxide formation in campylobacter sputorum subspecies bubulus.cell-free extracts of campylobacter sputorum subspecies bubulus contained superoxide dismutase. the enzyme was located in the cytoplasmic fraction and insensitive to cyanide. after centrifuging a cell-free extract at 144000 x g for 1.5 h the total activity in the supernatant fraction was threefold higher than in the crude cell-free extract. the pellet fraction thus obtained was shown to have a lowering effect on superoxide dismutase activities from different sources in the assay method used here ...1978214049
isolation of campylobacters. 1977332271
incomplete anaerobiosis as a cause of metronidazole 'resistance'.clostridium welchii, used as a control, was found to grow well in a microaerophilic jar used for campylobacters but appeared resistant to a metronidazole disc although the campylobacter was sensitive. minimum inhibitory concentrations for six strains of cl. welchii were up to 64-fold higher in these conditions than when grown anaerobically. zones of inhibition with both cl. welchii and bacteroides fragilis varied with the amount of air admitted to anaerobic jars.1978213449
[campylobacter and enteritis]. 1978347314
[campylobacter fetus subspecies jejuni as the causal agent of diarrhea]. 1978347315
[human campylobacteriosis. apropos of 6 cases].campylobacteriosis, first described as a disease of cattle where it is very common and causes sterility or abortion, appears to occur in man mainly in predisposed subjects with debility or some constitutional defect. the nature of the background should make one consider campylobacter as pathogenic. antibiotic treatment is necessary in all cases in order to avoid decompensation of the congenital disease. it is probable that campylobacter infections are more common than the small number of reporte ...1977190686
the human placental villitides: a review of chronic intrauterine infection. 1975172296
isolation of campylobacter. 1978354740
the genus campylobacter. 1978360978
scanning electron microscopy of the lesions of swine dysentery.thirty weanling pigs were examined by scanning electron microscopy at various time intervals after oral inoculation with crude colon contents from pigs affected with dysentery. the earliest recognizable change was a corrugated appearance of the mucosal surface of the large intestine. large spirochetes, morphologically similar to treponema hyodysenteriae, were first observed within the crypts of lieberkühn where they seemed to proliferate onto the luminal surface. then mucus, fibrin, erythrocyte ...1976131500
total viable count and differential count of vibrio (campylobacter) sputorum, fusobacterium nucleatum, selenomonas sputigena, bacteroides ochraceus and veillonella in the inflamed and non inflamed human gingival crevice. 1975129552
[experiments to establish the most suitable method for the production and control of conjugated sera].studies aiming to establish the most suitable method for conjugated serum production and control were carried out. results obtained indicate that purest globulin fractions are obtained in case the serum is precipitated by 50% saturation with (nh4)2.so4, then the sediment is washed with 50% (nh4)2so4, dissolved in water and precipitated again by 50% saturation with (nh4)2so4. conjugated titer is highest when conjugation is performed at a 4:100 fitc (fluorescin-iso-thio-cyanate):protein ratio. the ...1979121491
[diagnosis of vibriosis in bulls at breeding stations through lavages of the artificial vagina].the objective of the study was to test the suitability of lavages of artificial vaginas which are used for collecting ejaculate for diagnosing the campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus germs. according to the results of the investigation this method may be considered equal to the method of lavages of the prepuce. however, it is important to point out the advantages: it eliminates the danger of an accident, it enables quality lavage in the laboratory. to caputure the campylobacter fetus the filtration ...197896573
campylobacter cholecystitis. 197987770
campylobacter enteritis. 1979387302
campylobacter cholecystitis. 197986822
application of the fortner principle to isolation of campylobacter from stools.a simple biological technique for reducing oxygen tension which does not necessitate the use of conventional anaerobic equipment is described. we successfully applied this method to the isolation of campylobacters from stools.1979389951
meningism associated with campylobacter jejuni enteritis. 197986821
campylobacter fetus infections in children.there has been a gradual accumulation of reported campylobacter fetus human infections since the first description in 1947. the taxonomy of these fastidious and morphologically confusing organisms has been recently revised and, in the past few years, through the use of selective culture medium for stool isolation c fetus has been implicated as a frequent paghogen in children. there are three relatively distinct patterns of human c fetus infection. the first, most frequent, pattern of disease is ...1979390487
campylobacter urinary infection. 197986820
erythromycin-resistant campylobacters. 197882888
isolation of mycoplasmas from milk, lungs, and prepuce of cattle. 1979398242
campylobacter enteritis in pets. 197882749
the dog it was that died. 197882191
erythromycin-resistant campylobacters. 197882164
microbiota of gingivitis in man.a study on the predominant cultivable microorganisms inhabiting gingival crevices affected with a chronic gingivitis was carried out using the roll tube culture technique. samples were obtained from nine individuals 25--42 years of age. gram-positive rods make up 29.1% of the isolates and included mainly actinomyces naeslundii, actinomyces israelii, and actinomyces viscosus. streptococcus mitis and streptococcus sanguis together made up 26.8% of the cultivable organisms. peptostreptococcus avera ...1978276916
[association of campylobacter sputorum s.s. sputorum with s. fusiformis: transfer of h2 between species]. 1977282238
campylobacter enteritis: a common cause of adult diarrhoea.a case of acute diarrhoeal disease in a young male due to campylobacter jejuni is described, and the importance of this organism as a cause of acute diarrhoea in adults is discussed.1979292869
proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy.this study indicates that viable campylobacter sputorum subsp mucosalis are not present or are present in small numbers in the mucosa of pigs dying of proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy. the changes present in the mucosa are similar to those seen in pigs recovering from adenomatosis and the evidence obtained indicates that the intracellular organisms observed in this condition are indeed mucosalis. the presence of large amounts of iga in the altered tissue of both proliferative haemorrhagic ...1979315603
a summary of some of the pathogenetic mechanisms involved in bovine abortion. 1977324606
blastogenic transformation by lipopolysaccharide of blood leukocytes from immunized but not normal cattle.escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide produced blastogenic transformation in whole-blood leukocytes from heifers that had been infected and immunized with campylobacter fetus, but not in cells from control animals. this suggests that lipopolysaccharide dose not function as a b-cell mitogen in cattle and that its stimulation of cells from immunized animals occurred through another mechanism.1977330414
the isolation and nature of campylobacters (microaerophilic vibrios) from laboratory and wild rodents.faeces voided by eight species of laboratory or feral rodents were cultured for campylobacters by means of selective methods. campylobacters were isolated from bank voles and from rats, but not from rabbits, laboratory mice, hamsters, guinea-pigs, field mice or field voles. in routine biochemical tests isolates from bank voles resembled a type of campylobacter fetus that causes infectious infertility in cattle; isolates from rats resembled campylobacter coli associated with swine dysentery. elec ...1977330861
experimental hamster enteritis: an electron microscopic study.hamster enteritis (he) was experimentally produced in weanling hamsters by orally inoculating healthy hamsters with suspensions of ilea obtained from hamsters with he. control groups of hamsters were inoculated orally with suspensions of ilea from healthy hamsters. electron microscopy was done on ilea from 6 control hamsters, 31 hamsters with experimentally produced he, and 4 hamsters with naturally occurring he. ultrastructural changes were not observed in the absorptive epithelium of control a ...1977337861
campylobacter enteritis associated with consumption of unpasteurised october and november 1978 two outbreaks of enteritis occurred in the north of england. symptoms lasted two to over eight days but in no case necessitated admission to hospital. faecal specimens from most of the patients were found to contain thermophilic campylobacter sp. inquiry disclosed that all patients had consumed unpasteurised milk from local farms. examination of rectal swabs from the cattle concerned and milk socks yielded strains of campylobacter sp indistinguishable from those isol ...1979444995
infection of humans with campylobacter fetus. 1978348290
susceptibility of the bank vole clethrionomys glariolus to infection with campylobacter fetus. 1978352476
brief note. campylobacter jejuni gastroenteritis in brisbane. 1979460954
electron microscopy of campylobacter jejuni.stools from 56 patients with gastroenteritis were cultured for campylobacter jejuni. the five strains isolated were examined by electron microscopy. the campylobacter cells were pleomorphic and most displayed appearances similar to those of v. fetus. morphological changes were observed in cultures subjected to prolonged incubation.1979469932
[campylobacter coli--a new common cause of diarrhea in humans]. 1978364214
[campylobacter enteritis--a current disease]. 1978364215
campylobacter infections in human beings. 1979376805
campylobacter fetus: major enteric pathogen. 1979490866
anaerobic infections of the female genital tract.the anaerobic flora of the cervix undergoes cyclic change during menstruation and pregnancy. the etiopathogenesis of anaerobic infections of the female genital tract is described. the in vitro susceptibility of the cervical microflora to various antibiotics presented and treatment of anaerobic infections of the female genital tract briefly is discussed.1979379990
campylobacter enteritis: clinical and epidemiologic features.campylobacter fetus subspecies (ssp.) jejuni has been recently recognized to cause diarrheal disease in man. to assess its importance as an enteric pathogen, we prospectively studied 514 patients with diarrhea. campylobacter fetus ssp. jejuni was isolated from the feces of 26 patients (5%) and seven of 11 of their symptomatic household contacts. this organism was isolated from the feces of only one of 18 asymptomatic household contacts and not at all from 157 other healthy persons. seventeen of ...1979380433
erythromycin revisited. 1979387701
campylobacter enteritis. 1979390338
campylobacter--a recently recognised cause of enteritis. 1979511495
bacteria beneath composite restorations--a culturing and histobacteriological study.the occurrence, viability and identification of the microbial flora under composite fillings using an anaerobic technique were studied. class v cavities were prepared on clinically healthy buccal surfaces of 7 contralateral pairs of premolars in children 11--15 years of age. after preparation, rubber dam was applied and one cavity in each pair of teeth was washed with water blasted dry with air and filled with adaptic. the other cavity was washed with a cavity cleaner (tubulicid) and a cavity li ...1979393051
symposium on the spondylarthritides. spondylarthritis and the post-infectious syndromes. 1979515626
proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy in swine: an outbreak and review of the account is given of an acute outbreak of hemorrhagic enteric disease in 34 young adult boars of primarily yorkshire breeding at a performance testing station in western canada. two of the boars died. a diagnosis of proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy was made on the basis of clinical signs, gross necropsy and histopathological lesions. campylobacter-like bacteria were seen in the apical cytoplasm of epithelial cells of the ileal mucosa by warthin-faulkner stain on histological sections, but ...1979396978
[antigenic properties of the flagella of the causative agents of vibriosis]. 1979516414
faecal leucocytes in campylobacter-associated diarrhoea in infants. 1979419994
campylobacter enteritis. 1979423840
campylobacter ileocolitis: an inflammatory bowel disease. 1979519563
campylobacter colitis.a patient is described in whom a campylobacter enteritis closely resembled ulcerative colitis on clinical, sigmoidoscopic, and histological grounds. selective stool culture techniques may be necessary to differentiate campylobacter colitis from ulcerative colitis proper.1979521500
acute diarrhoea: campylobacter colitis and the role of rectal biopsy.campylobacter spp. were the organisms isolated most frequently from 29 consecutive patients admitted with acute diarrhoea to an infectious disease unit. rectal biopsies taken from 21 of the patients were abnormal in all but four, and in the patients with campylobacter infection there was a characteristic proctocolitis in each case. the histopathology was similar to that described for salmonella and shigella infections but clearly different from typical ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. the ...1979521501
campylobacter infections in soweto. 1979424934
proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy in outbreak of proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy (phe) occurred in two epidodes and affected 372 adult pigs in the breeding units of a minimal disease piggery; 186 pigs died. in the initial episode breeding sows and boars of all ages were affected, suggesting infection of a fully susceptible population. animals involved in the first episode of the disease did not show clinical symptoms at a later date and further clinical cases occurred only in animals introduced into the breeding populatio ...1977299966
pathology of proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy in pigs.examination of the small intestine of pigs with proliferative haemorrhagic enteropathy showed changes consistent with defects in vascular permeability. early in the disease there were many eosinophils and distension of lacteals and intercellular spaces with proteinaceous material. later the predominant features were red blood cells and exudate in tissue spaces. this was most severe and extensive at the tips of villi which were covered by a cast of cells and fibrinous exudate. adenomatous intesti ...1979313620
campylobacter, dogs and human enteritis. 1979532053
campylobacter enteritis. 1979536358
campylobacter enteritis in 37 children with campylobacter enteritis seen over a 6-month period, ages ranged from 2 weeks to 15 years. the sex ratio (male:female) was three:two. fever, diarrhea, and bloody stools occurred in about 90% of patients. blood appeared in the stools characteristically 2 to 4 days after onset of symptoms. over 90% of older children developed abdominal pain. vomiting was mild and occurred in 30% of patients. dehydration was not a feature. infection occurred in all social classes and was not asso ...1979430287
campylobacter gastroenteritis in children. 1979430293
the prevalence of campylobacter fetus in the gall bladder of sheep. 1979435214
campylobacter colitis.eleven consecutive patients with diarrhoea from whose stools campylobacter were isolated were investigated by sigmoidoscopy and rectal biopsy. eight had definite proctitis, and in seven biopsy specimens were abnormal with histological changes ranging from non-specific colitis to gross colitis with goblet-cell depletion and crypt-abscess formation. nine of the patients passed blood in their stools, and in all but one abdominal pain was a feature of the illness. severe campylobacter colitis may be ...1979435842
enteritis and septicaemia due to campylobacter jejuni. 1979554396
campylobacter enteritis. 1979449819
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