a farming systems study of abortion in dairy cattle on the atherton tableland. 2. the pattern of infectious diseases.the role of infectious agents on dairy farms on the atherton tableland in tropical north queensland was studied as part of a comprehensive investigation into the causes of bovine abortion. the prevalence of antibody in serums collected from 7 herds whose annual abortion rates ranged from 3% to 21% were as follows: leptospira hardjo 49.9% (426/853), l. pomona 0.4% (3/851), bovine virus diarrhoea (bvd) 33.7% (35/104). infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus (ibr) 11.5% (12/105), akabane virus 92.2 ...19892505741
seroprevalence survey of aino virus infection in dairy cattle of fukuoka, japan in 1990.the seroprevalence and seroconversion to aino virus infection were epidemiologically analyzed in fukuoka prefecture, by a cohort study, in 1990. serum samples (872) were taken from 436 cattle of 128 farms in five different districts at twice sampling with four month-intervals and were tested by a serum neutralizing test with aino virus. in the first sampling (may-july), 38.3% of sera and 40.6% of farms tested were positive and 33.3% of cattle and 40.6% of farms were sero-converted during the per ...19957756398
isolation of aino virus from an aborted bovine fetus.a male fetus of gestation day 187 was aborted from a holstein-friesian cow in an epizootic of the aino virus (ainov) in september 1995. neutralizing antibody titers against ainov were 1:128, 1:16 and 1:64 in the dam serum, fetal ascites and cerebrospinal fluid, respectively. a 10% brain suspension of the aborted fetus was prepared immediately after autopsy, rinsed three times and sonicated before centrifugation. the supernatant was then inoculated into hmlu-1 cell cultures. a cytopathic effect w ...19989819769
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