[infection of alouatta carayá (mono aullador) by junín virus]. 197898811
[infection of new world primates with junin virus. i. alouatta carayá]. 1978105225
[infection of new world primates with junín virus. iv. aotus trivirgatus].owl monkeys (aotus trivirgatus) were inoculated with xj, a pathogenic strain of junin virus, seeking new animal models for argentine hemorrhagic fever. nine monkeys were inoculated intramuscularly with 30 or 300,000 tcid50 of junin virus. hematological and virological studies showed no alteration in blood elements such as red cell, reticular cell and platelets, up to 28 days after inoculation. hemoglobin and hematocrit determinations also remained constant. however, significant neutropenia was s ...19836101070
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