seroepidemiology of bivens arm virus infections of cattle in florida, st. croix and puerto rico.bivens arm virus (bav) is a newly discovered rhabdovirus infecting cattle and water buffalo in florida. the virus is classified as a member of the tibrogargan group, members of which have hitherto been found only in australasia. they are considered to be transmitted by culicoides species. bivens arm virus was first isolated from culicoides insignis which suggests that bav is also transmitted by this genus. a serological survey of two small groups of cattle raised in st. croix and puerto rico, in ...19911871952
bivens arm virus: a new rhabdovirus isolated from culicoides insignis in florida and related to tibrogargan virus of australia.during field studies in 1981 on the transmission of bluetongue viruses in ruminants in florida, a virus was isolated from culicoides insignis collected near water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) recently imported from trinidad. electron microscopy showed that this isolate, for which the name bivens arm virus is proposed, has rhabdovirus morphology. serologic comparisons were made with recognized rhabdoviruses from terrestrial vertebrates and hematophagous arthropods. indirect fluorescent antibody, com ...19892650459
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