porcine enteric alphacoronavirus inhibits ifn-α, ifn-β, oas, mx1, and pkr mrna expression in infected peyer's patches in vivo.porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav) is a newly identified swine enteropathogenic coronavirus that causes watery diarrhea in neonatal piglets. the pathogenesis and host immune responses of peav infection are not fully characterized. the reason lies in the stomach environment, which would degrade cell-cultured live viruses via oral infection, making it difficult to establish an effective infection model to study the pathogenesis and host immune responses in pigs with a mature immune system. to ...202032719818
swine enteric alphacoronavirus (swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus): an update three years after its discovery.discovered in 2017, swine enteric alphacoronavirus (seacov), also known as swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus (sads-cov) or porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav), is the fifth porcine cov identified in diarrheal piglets. the presumed name "sads-cov" may not be appropriate since current studies have not provided strong evidence for high pathogenicity of the virus. seacov was the most recently recognized cov of potential bat origin prior to the novel human severe acute respiratory syndrom ...202032482591
attenuation and characterization of porcine enteric alphacoronavirus strain gds04 via serial cell passage.porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav) is a newly identified swine enteropathogenic coronavirus that causes watery diarrhea in newborn piglets. in this study, an original, highly virulent peav strain gds04 was serially passaged in vero cells. the virus titers and sizes of syncytia increased gradually with the cell passages. newborn piglets were orally inoculated with peav p15, p67 and p100. compared with p15 and p67, p100 resulted in only mild clinical signs and intestinal lesions in piglets. t ...201931767069
isolation and characterization of a highly pathogenic strain of porcine enteric alphacoronavirus causing watery diarrhoea and high mortality in newborn piglets.porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav) was first discovered in china in february 2017, and the origin and virulence of this novel porcine coronavirus were not fully characterized. here, we isolated a strain of peav, named gds04 that is identified by immunofluorescence and typical crown-shaped particles observed with electron microscopy. genomic analysis reveals that peav gds04 shares a close relationship with sads-cov and seacov. furthermore, newborn piglets orally challenged with peav gds04 de ...201930103259
newly emerged porcine enteric alphacoronavirus in southern china: identification, origin and evolutionary history analysis.coronaviruses have a wide host range and can cause a variety of diseases with varying severity in different animals. several enteric coronaviruses have been identified that are associated with diarrhea in swine and that have caused substantial economic losses. in this study, a newly emerged porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav), peav-gd-ch/2017, was identified from suckling piglets with diarrhea in southern china, and a full-length genome sequence of peav was obtained for systematic analysis. ...201829704627
a new bat-hku2-like coronavirus in swine, china, 2017.we identified from suckling piglets with diarrhea in china a new bat-hku2-like porcine coronavirus (porcine enteric alphacoronavirus). the gds04 strain of this coronavirus shares high aa identities (>90%) with the reported bat-hku2 strains in coronaviridae-wide conserved domains, suggesting that the gds04 strain belongs to the same species as hku2.201728654418
susceptibility of porcine ipi-2i intestinal epithelial cells to infection with swine enteric coronaviruses.swine enteric coronavirus (cov) is an important group of pathogens causing diarrhea in piglets. at least four kinds of swine enteric covs have been identified, including transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev), porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (pedv), porcine deltacoronavirus (pdcov), and the emerging hku2-like porcine enteric alphacoronavirus (peav). the small intestines, particularly the jejunum and ileum, are the most common targets of these four covs in vivo, and co-infections by these cov ...201931176408
a taqman-probe-based multiplex real-time rt-qpcr for simultaneous detection of porcine enteric coronaviruses.swine enteric coronaviruses are a group of most significant pathogens causing diarrhea in piglets with similar clinical symptoms and pathological changes. to develop a simple, rapid, accurate, and high-throughput detection method for diagnosis and differential diagnosis on swine enteric coronaviruses, specific primers and probes were designed based on the highly conserved regions of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev) n, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (pedv) m, porcine deltacoronavirus ( ...201931025076
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