a snapshot avian surveillance reveals west nile virus and evidence of wild birds participating in toscana virus circulation.birds are involved in the epidemiology of several vector-borne viruses, as amplification hosts for viruses, dissemination vehicles for the vectors, and sources of emerging strains in cross-species transmission. turkey provides diverse habitats for a variety of wild birds and is located along major bird migration routes. this study was undertaken to provide a cross-sectional screening of avian specimens for a spectrum of vector-borne viruses.201728832259
orientation of native versus translocated juvenile lesser spotted eagles (clanga pomarina) on the first autumn migration.the ontogeny of migration routines used by wild birds remains unresolved. here we investigated the migratory orientation of juvenile lesser spotted eagles (lse; clanga pomarina) based on translocation and satellite tracking. between 2004 and 2016, 85 second-hatched juveniles (abels) were reared in captivity for release into the declining german population, including 50 birds that were translocated 940 km from latvia. in 2009, we tracked 12 translocated juveniles, as well as eight native juvenile ...201728768749
genetic determination of migration strategies in large soaring birds: evidence from hybrid eagles.the relative contributions of genetic and social factors in shaping the living world are a crucial question in ecology. the annual migration of birds to their wintering grounds and back provides significant knowledge in this field of research. migratory movements are predominantly genetically determined in passerine birds, while in large soaring birds, it is presumed that social (cultural) factors play the largest role. in this study, we show that genetic factors in soaring birds are more import ...201830111595
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