detection of antibodies to leishmania donovani in animals in a kala-azar endemic region in eastern sudan: a preliminary report.the prevalence of antibodies against leishmania donovani in selected domestic and wild animal species in 2 villages in sudan with active l. donovani transmission in humans was investigated. screening of domestic animals (donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, camels and dogs) with the direct agglutination test (dat) detected reaction rates above the cut-off titres in donkeys (68.7%), cows (21.4%) and goats (8.5%), and which were also found in wild rats (5.5%). sera of sheep, camels and dogs had a weak agg ...200010748894
preliminary survey of domestic animals of the sudan for precipitating antibodies to rift valley fever a preliminary seroepidemiological survey a total of 780 serum samples derived from various domestic animals of the sudan were examined for rift valley fever (rvf) virus precipitating antibodies. the incidence was approximately 34.3% in sheep, 33.2% in cattle, 22% in goats, 7.9% in camels and 4% in donkeys. the findings indicated that rvf is mainly prevalent in the rich savanna areas of the south as well as the irrigated areas close to the nile in the north. circumstantial evidence suggests th ...19846512261
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