coastal lithofacies and biofacies associated with syndepositional dolomitization and silicification (draken formation, upper riphean, svalbard).the draken formation (120-250 m) of northeast spitsbergen (svalbard) forms part of a thick upper proterozoic carbonate platform succession. it consists predominantly of intraformational dolomitic conglomerates, with excellent textural preservation. six main lithofacies were recognized in the field: quartz sandstones, stromatolitic mats, conglomerates with silicified intraclasts, dolostone conglomerates with desiccated mudrocks, oolitic/pisolitic grainstones and fenestral dolostones. a series ...199111538645
feeding ecology of northeast atlantic mackerel, norwegian spring-spawning herring and blue whiting in the norwegian sea.the norwegian spring-spawning (nss) herring (clupea harengus), blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou) and northeast atlantic (nea) mackerel (scomber scombrus) are extremely abundant pelagic planktivores that feed in the norwegian sea (ns) during spring and summer. this study investigated the feeding ecology and diet composition of these commercially important fish stocks on the basis of biological data, including an extensive set of stomach samples in combination with hydrographical data, zoopl ...201626895485
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