predicting the potential demographic impact of predators on their prey: a comparative analysis of two carnivore-ungulate systems in scandinavia.1. understanding the role of predation in shaping the dynamics of animal communities is a fundamental issue in ecological research. nevertheless, the complex nature of predator-prey interactions often prevents researchers from modelling them explicitly. 2. by using periodic leslie-usher matrices and a simulation approach together with parameters obtained from long-term field projects, we reconstructed the underlying mechanisms of predator-prey demographic interactions and compared the dynamics o ...201122077484
let's stay together? intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in pair bond dissolution in a recolonizing wolf population.for socially monogamous species, breeder bond dissolution has important consequences for population dynamics, but the extent to which extrinsic or intrinsic population factors causes pair dissolution remain poorly understood, especially among carnivores. using an extensive life-history data set, a survival analysis and competing risks framework, we examined the fate of 153 different wolf (canis lupus) pairs in the recolonizing scandinavian wolf population, during 14 winters of snow tracking and ...201727559712
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