larvicidal efficacy screening of anacardaciae crude extracts on the dengue hemorrhagic vector, aedes aegypti.vector-borne diseases are still rife because of the re-emergence of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. the objective of this paper is to evaluate the larvicidal efficacy of crude leaf extract of mangifera indica, gluta renghas, and melanochyla fasciculiflora against vector of dengue hemorrhagic fever, aedes aegypti. these plant species are endemic species and widely distributed in malaysian forests. leaves of ma. indica, g. renghas and m. fascculiflora were collected from teluk bahang national ...201425134898
species composition and population dynamics of thrips (thysanoptera) in mango orchards of northern peninsular malaysia.thrips are key pests of mango, mangifera indica (l.), in malaysia, including the northern peninsular. as penang has year-round equatorial climate and high of rainfall, the populations of thrips may be subject to variations in composition and size. with a goal of developing an appropriate control strategy, a survey was conducted in penang to determine species composition and abundance in relation to some environmental factors. sprayed and unsprayed orchards were sampled on weekly basis through tw ...201022546435
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