historical dna documents long-distance natal homing in marine fish.the occurrence of natal homing in marine fish remains a fundamental question in fish ecology as its unequivocal demonstration requires tracking of individuals from fertilization to reproduction. here, we provide evidence of long-distance natal homing (>1000 km) over more than 60 years in atlantic cod (gadus morhua), through genetic analysis of archived samples from marked and recaptured individuals. using a high differentiation single-nucleotide polymorphism assay, we demonstrate that the vast m ...201626859133
distinction among north atlantic cod gadus morhua stocks by tissue fatty acid profiles.the fatty acid (fa) profiles of the white muscle and heart tissues of cod gadus morhua from five locations, faroe bank, faroe plateau, north-west iceland, norway-barents sea and denmark-skagerrak, were population dependent. the interregional differences of fas were significantly dissimilar (p < 0.01) in most cases. by way of a rapid and simple analytical method, the stock dependence and harvest location of individual g. morhua were chemometrically determined by multivariate principal component a ...201424890408
pristine arctic: background mapping of pahs, pah metabolites and inorganic trace elements in the north-atlantic arctic and sub-arctic coastal the ice cap of the arctic diminishes due to global warming, the polar sailing route will be open larger parts of the year. these changes are likely to increase the pollution load on the pristine arctic due to large vessel traffic from specific contaminant groups, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs). a well-documented baseline for pah concentrations in the biota in the remote regions of the nordic seas and the sub-arctic is currently limited, but will be vital in order to assess fu ...201424995638
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