[the french school of public health (fsph): i. general perspectives].fsph is based on the foundations of the 45-year-old national school of public health administration (ensp), located in rennes (brittany) on a 22-acre campus. the annual budget is 55 milion euros, which is only partly adequate for fsph missions and objectives. what is currently needed, in addition to ensp is a high-level academic establishment. it has been argued that france lacks the research resources and funding necessary to hold a leading international position in public health research and e ...200717969551
[bipolar i disorder in france: prevalence of manic episodes and hospitalisation-related costs].bipolar disorder is a chronic, highly disabling illness. however, few studies have evaluated the economic impact of this illness. the objective of this study was to estimate: 1) the annual number of manic episodes in patients with bipolar i disorder, and 2) the costs of hospitalisations related to manic episodes in france. we only included data on bipolar i disorder, as there is greater consensus and better documentation for this subgroup of patients with bipolar disorder. the prevalence of mani ...200612876549
[elderly people, precariousness, social handicap and length of stay: pilot study at the lariboisière-fernand widal hospital group in paris].to administer a social handicap questionnaire associated with french drgs (pmsi) to determine the social handicaps of a population hospitalized in a public health establishment and to measure the cost implications for the establishment due to increased length of stay (dms).201020153135
[development of human health discoveries. 10 years results of young innovative company incubation].medicine is evolving every day in its operating procedures and the services offered to patients, emphasizing personalized medicine, safety and medical benefits. the individual patient is more than ever the hub of healthcare organization. medical innovation is thus a public health priority. however it requires an accurate assessment of medical utility and risk-benefit ratios, and in-depth analysis of economic and organizational impacts. ten years of experience in the paris biotech santé company i ...201626753415
characteristics and health of homeless families: the enfams survey in the paris region, france 2013.the objectives were to estimate the size of homeless family population in paris region, to describe their living conditions and health and to analyse the impact of homelessness on children's growth and development, which was never investigated in france.201626511600
calcium requirements from dairy foods in france can be met at low energy and monetary cost.inadequate ca intakes are a concern for global public health. in france, most dietary ca is provided by dairy products: milks, fermented milks (mostly yogurts), dairy desserts and cheeses. the present dairy database (n 837) included milks (n 101), fermented milks, yogurts and other fresh dairy products (n 326), desserts (n 162) and a wide variety of cheeses (n 248). energy and nutrient values were obtained from industry sources and the french national nutrient composition database. retail prices ...201526450475
[public free anonymous hiv testing centers: cost analysis and financing options].the services of general interest provided by hospitals, such as free hiv clinics, have been funded since 2005 by a lump sum covering all costs. the allocation of the budget was initially determined based on historical and declarative data. however, the french ministry of health (moh) recently outlined new rules for determining the allocation of financial resources and contracting hospitals for each type of services of general interest provided. the aim of this study was to estimate the annual co ...201122177706
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