recent advances of perinatal medicine in china.perinatal medicine has been practiced for only 30 years. the basis for such medicine is perinatal health care and the main theme is systemic monitoring and management of high-risk pregnancies. china has offered such practice since 1979, with the perinatal health care system derived from the former health care system for pregnant women. the rate of maternal mortality in china had fallen to 94.7/100,000 by 1989, while the perinatal mortality rate was 51.8/1000 as of 1986. comparable rates for 1993 ...19957555244
[dynamic road vehicle emission inventory simulation study based on real time traffic information].the vehicle activity survey, including traffic flow distribution, driving condition, and vehicle technologies, were conducted in shanghai. the databases of vehicle flow, vsp distribution and vehicle categories were established according to the surveyed data. based on this, a dynamic vehicle emission inventory simulation method was designed by using the real time traffic information data, such as traffic flow and average speed. some roads in shanghai city were selected to conduct the hourly vehic ...201223323399
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