isolation of a highly pathogenic spring viraemia of carp virus strain from grass carp (ctenopharyngodon idella) in late summer, china, 2016.spring viraemia of carp virus (svcv) is an oie-listed notifiable pathogen, which has brought huge economic loss to the aquaculture industry. outbreaks of svc mostly occur in spring with water temperature 11-17°c. presently, there is an increase in detection during import quarantine testing and associated with outbreaks of svcv outside of china, yet china is regarded as the origin of svcv asian clade. however, recent isolates from the shanghai area all showed to be low pathogenic to their origina ...201728684157
[species composition and biodiversity of fish community in dalian lake, shanghai].a field fish survey of dalian lake, shanghai was undertaken in apr. 11-19, apr. 27-may 8 and may 20-29, in total 24,061 fish individuals were collected, representing 22 species from 17 genera and 11 families. the dominant specie is carassius auratus, accounting for 76.38% of the total. the eigenvalues of species diversity were showing below : shannon-wiener's index (h') being 1.0027, simpson's index (lambda) being 0.5959, pielous's index (j') being 0.3244, margalef's index (d) being 2.0816 and r ...201021174357
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