dental crowding: the role of genetics and tooth evaluate the role of genetics and tooth wear in the etiology of dental crowding through the analysis of a split indigenous amazon population.201322799527
artisanal fisheries of the xingu river basin in brazilian amazon.the present study characterises the commercial fisheries of the basin of the xingu river, a major tributary of the amazon river, between the towns of gurupá (at the mouth of the amazon) and são félix do xingu. between april, 2012, and march, 2014, a total of 23,939 fishing trips were recorded, yielding a total production of 1,484 tons of fish, harvested by almost three thousand fishers. the analysis of the catches emphasizes the small-scale and artisanal nature of the region's fisheries, with em ...201526691085
phlebitis associated with peripheral intravenous catheters in adults admitted to hospital in the western brazilian identify the presence of phlebitis and the factors that influence the development of this complication in adult patients admitted to hospital in the western brazilian amazon.201627384206
lessons from integrating fishers of arapaima in small-scale fisheries management at the mamirauá reserve, amazon.fishers and small-scale fisheries worldwide have been marginalized historically. now it is clear that integrating fishers in management processes is key to resource conservation, but it is less clear how to do it. here, based on a literature review and new information, we present and analyze a case in which the participation of fishers in the management process was crucial in recovering an overexploited small-scale fishery for the pirarucu (arapaima spp.) in the amazon basin, brazil. in 8 years ...200918946698
riverine fishers' knowledge of extreme climatic events in the brazilian amazonia.climate change is altering climate patterns, mainly increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme events with potentially serious impacts on natural resources and the people that use them. adapting to such impacts will require the integration of scientific and local (folk) knowledge, especially the first-hand experiences and perceptions of resource users such as fishers. in this study, we identify how commercial riverine fishers in the amazon remember extreme climatic events (flood and droug ...201627784304
reporting on the recapture of electronic tagged fish by fishers in the xingu river, brazilian amazon. 201526691081
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