a preliminary investigation of ehrlichia species in ticks, humans, dogs, and capybaras from brazil.a molecular epidemiologic investigation in two brazilian states (rondônia and são paulo) was undertaken to determine if ehrlichia species responsible for human and animal ehrlichioses in north america could be found in brazilian vectors, potential natural mammalian reservoirs and febrile human patients with a tick bite history. samples, including 376 ticks comprising 9 amblyomma species, 29 capybara (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) spleens, 5 canine blood, and 75 human blood samples from febrile pati ...200716962245
non-legalized commerce in game meat in the brazilian amazon: a case tropical forests, wild game meat represents an option or the only protein source for some human populations. this study analyzed the wildlife meat trade destined to human consumption in an open market of the amazon rainforest, brazil. wildlife meat trade was monitored during 2005 through interviews to vendors and consumers in order to evaluate the socioeconomic profile of the sellers, the main species and byproducts sold, their geographical origin, commercial value, frequency of sale and prod ...201020737856
new tick records in rondônia, western brazilian the present study, we provide new tick records from vilhena municipality, in the southeast of the state of rondônia, northern brazil. ticks collected from a capybara, hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (linnaeus), were identified as amblyomma romitii tonelli-rondelli (1 female), and amblyomma sp. (1 larva). ticks collected from a harpy eagle, harpia harpyja (linnaeus), were identified as amblyomma cajennense (fabricius) (16 nymphs) and haemaphysalis juxtakochi cooley (1 nymph). ticks collected from a ...201020943027
new tick records from the state of rondônia, western amazon, brazil.from 2005 to 2012, ticks were collected from different hosts at different localities of the state of rondônia. the following 16 ixodid tick species were identified: ixodes fuscipes, amblyomma auricularium, amblyomma coelebs, amblyomma dubitatum, amblyomma geayi, amblyomma humerale, amblyomma latepunctatum, amblyomma longirostre, amblyomma naponense, amblyomma nodosum, amblyomma oblongoguttatum, amblyomma ovale, amblyomma romitii, amblyomma rotundatum, amblyomma scalpturatum, and amblyomma varium ...201423975565
the role of capybaras as carriers of leptospires in periurban and rural areas in the western amazon.although leptospirosis has been described in capybaras, usually based on serological evidences, bacterial culture of leptospires has been scarcely reported in this species. the western amazon is a reportedly endemic area where high seroprevalences have been reported in different species of wildlife, domestic animals and in human beings. the present study aimed at investigating the role of capybaras as carriers of leptospires in periurban and rural areas in the western amazon region. a total of 4 ...201728119048
absence of bovine leukemia virus (blv) infection in buffaloes from amazon and southeast region in brazil.enzootic bovine leucosis is an infectious disease caused by bovine leukemia virus (blv) and is well described in bovines. the majority of infected animals are asymptomatic, one to five percent develop lymphoma and from 30 to 50% present a persistent lymphocytosis. the virus occurs naturally in cattle and experimentally in buffaloes, capybaras and rabbits. the occurrence of lymphoma in buffaloes has been attributed to blv infection by some authors in india and venezuela, but not confirmed by othe ...201627317318
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