australian marsh beetles (coleoptera: scirtidae). 8. the new genera <br />cygnocyphon, eximiocyphon, paracyphon, leptocyphon, tectocyphon, <br />and additions to contacyphon de gozis, nanocyphon zwick and eurycyphon monotypic genera proposed are: cygnocyphon ibex n. gen., n. sp., eximiocyphon excisus n. gen., n. sp., and paracyphon avicularis n. gen., n. sp. also proposed are the new genera leptocyphon n. gen., with l. furcalonga, n. sp. and l. quadricornutus, n. sp., tectocyphon n. gen., with t. microphallus n. sp., t. hirsutus n. sp., and t. victoriae n. sp. the diagnosis of genus eurycyphon watts is amended, e. fulvus watts and e. aquilus watts are partly redescribed. new species are: eurycyphon barr ...201526250008
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