helicobacter pylori from peruvian amerindians: traces of human migrations in strains from remote amazon, and genome sequence of an amerind strain.the gastric pathogen helicobacter pylori is extraordinary in its genetic diversity, the differences between strains from well-separated human populations, and the range of diseases that infection promotes.201021124785
antimicrobial activity of an amazon medicinal plant (chancapiedra) (phyllanthus niruri l.) against helicobacter pylori and lactic acid bacteria.the potential of water extracts of the amazon medicinal plant chancapiedra (phyllanthus niruri l.) from ecuador and peru for antimicrobial activity against helicobacter pylori and different strains of lactic acid bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus plantarum was investigated. h. pylori was inhibited by both water extracts in a dose dependent manner, whereas lactic acid bacterial growth was not affected. both extracts contained ellagic acid and hydrox ...201122034238
ecology of helicobacter pylori in peru: infection rates in coastal, high altitude, and jungle communities. the gastrointestinal physiology working group of the cayetano heredia and the johns hopkins university.we have examined endoscopic clinic patients in three widely different geographic regions of peru (the coast, the sierra of the andes mountains, and the amazon jungle) for the presence of helicobacter pylori infection associated with active gastritis. the overall rates of infection were high (80% or greater) in all three zones and rates for men were approximately 10% higher than for women in the same zone. men and women in the sierra and jungle areas had significantly higher rates of infection th ...19921612475
attenuated caga oncoprotein in helicobacter pylori from amerindians in peruvian amazon.population genetic analyses of bacterial genes whose products interact with host tissues can give new understanding of infection and disease processes. here we show that strains of the genetically diverse gastric pathogen helicobacter pylori from amerindians from the remote peruvian amazon contain novel alleles of caga, a major virulence gene, and reveal distinctive properties of their encoded caga proteins. caga is injected into the gastric epithelium, where it hijacks pleiotropic signaling pat ...201121757722
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