detection of lyme disease and q fever agents in wild rodents in central italy.the maintenance of tick-borne disease agents in the environment strictly depends on the relationship between tick vectors and their hosts, which act as reservoirs for these pathogens. a pilot study aimed to investigate wild rodents as reservoirs for zoonotic tick-borne pathogens (borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (s.l.), coxiella burnetii, francisella tularensis, and anaplasma phagocytophilum) was carried out in an area of gran sasso e monti della laga national park (abruzzi region, central italy) ...201526134933
coxiella burnetii in central italy: novel genotypes are circulating in cattle and goats.genotyping of bacteria is critical for diagnosis, treatment, and epidemiological surveillance. coxiella burnetii, the etiological agent of q fever, has been recognized to have a potential for bioterrorism purposes. because few serosurveys have been conducted in italy, there is still limited information about the distribution of this pathogen in natural conditions. in this paper, we describe the genotyping of c. burnetii strains by multispacer sequence typing (mst) detected in cattle and goat far ...201425325314
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