roles of host species, geographic separation, and isolation in the seroprevalence of jamestown canyon and snowshoe hare viruses in newfoundland.california serogroup viruses, including jamestown canyon virus (jcv) and snowshoe hare virus (sshv), are mosquito-borne members of the bunyaviridae family and are endemic across north america. these arboviruses are potential pathogens which occasionally cause neuroinvasive disease in humans and livestock. a neutralization assay was used to document jcv and sshv seroprevalence using blood collected from a variety of domestic and wildlife host species. these species were sampled in an island setti ...201222798366
the seasonal timing of snowshoe hare virus transmission on the island of newfoundland, canada.arthropod-borne diseases negatively affect humans worldwide. understanding the biology of the arthropod vectors and the pathogens they harbor, the arthropods are moving targets as a result of climate change, ecosystem degradation, species introductions, and increased human travel. viruses within the california serogroup of the genus orthobunyavirus (family bunyaviridae) are among the mosquito-borne viruses of concern owing to their zoonotic potential. two of these, snowshoe hare virus (sshv) and ...201728069630
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