complete genome sequence of deltapapillomavirus 4 (bovine papillomavirus 2) from a bovine papillomavirus lesion in amazon region, brazil.the complete genome sequence of bovine papillomavirus 2 (bpv2) from brazilian amazon region was determined using multiple-primed rolling circle amplification followed by illumina sequencing. the genome is 7,947 bp long, with 45.9% gc content. it encodes seven early (e1, e2,e4, e5, e6,e7, and e8) and two late (l1 and l2) genes. the complete genome of a bpv2 can help in future studies since this bpv type is highly reported worldwide although the lack of complete genome sequences available.201627074259
genome characterization of a bovine papillomavirus type 5 from cattle in the amazon region, brazil.papillomaviruses are small and complex viruses with circular dna genome that belongs to the papillomavirus family, which comprises at least 39 genera. the bovine papillomavirus (bpv) causes an infectious disease that is characterized by chronic and proliferative benign tumors that affect cattle worldwide. in the present work, the full genome sequence of bpv type 5, an epsilonpapillomavirus, is reported. the genome was recovered from papillomatous lesions excised from cattle raised in the amazon ...201727817150
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