biodiversity of mycobiota throughout the brazil nut supply chain: from rainforest to consumer.a total of 172 brazil nut samples (114 in shell and 58 shelled) from the amazon rainforest region and são paulo state, brazil was collected at different stages of the brazil nut production chain: rainforest, street markets, processing plants and supermarkets. the mycobiota of the brazil nut samples were evaluated and also compared in relation to water activity. a huge diversity of aspergillus and penicillium species were found, besides eurotium spp., zygomycetes and dematiaceous fungi. a polypha ...201727697164
fungal community assembly in the amazonian dark, we compare the fungal community composition and diversity in amazonian dark earth (ade) and the respective non-anthropogenic origin adjacent (adj) soils from four different sites in brazilian central amazon using pyrosequencing of 18s ribosomal rna (rrna) gene. fungal community composition in ade soils were more similar to each other than their adj soils, except for only one site. phosphorus and aluminum saturation were the main soil chemical factors contributing to ade and adj fungal comm ...201626585119
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