xenomonitoring of different filarial nematodes using single and multiplex pcr in mosquitoes from assiut governorate, egypt.wuchereria bancrofti, dirofilaria immitis, and dirofilaria repens are filarial nematodes transmitted by mosquitoes belonging to culex, aedes, and anopheles genera. screening by vector dissection is a tiresome technique. we aimed to screen filarial parasites in their vectors by single and multiplex pcr and evaluate the usefulness of multiplex pcr as a rapid xenomonitoring and simultaneous differentiation tool, in area where 3 filarial parasites are coexisting. female mosquitoes were collected fro ...201525748712
finding wolbachia in filarial larvae and culicidae mosquitoes in upper egypt governorate.wolbachia is an obligatory intracellular endosymbiotic bacterium, present in over 20% of all insects altering insect reproductive capabilities and in a wide range of filarial worms which is essential for worm survival and reproduction. in egypt, no available data were found about wolbachia searching for it in either mosquitoes or filarial worms. thus, we aimed to identify the possible concurrent presence of wolbachia within different mosquitoes and filarial parasites, in assiut governorate, egyp ...201627417080
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