absence of ornithodoros moubata, the vector of african swine fever virus, from the main pig producing area of evidence for the presence of soft ticks of the ornithodoros moubata complex was found during a survey of african swine fever carried out between 1985 and 1988 in the west province and southern parts of the north west and south west provinces of cameroon. the survey consisted of interviews of veterinary assistants and farmers, distribution of a questionnaire and tick searches both manually and with carbon dioxide traps. the absence of warthogs (phacochoerus aethiopicus) from these areas was al ...19902371751
infection of pigs with the cameroon isolate (cam/82) of african swine fever virus.african swine fever (asf) was produced in eight pigs by exposure to donors infected with the cameroon/82 isolate of african swine fever virus. the primary clinical sign was pyrexia of more than 40 degrees c first observed 10 to 13 days post-exposure (dpe) in all pigs; other clinical signs were rarely observed. the most frequent post-mortem lesion was haemorrhage in the visceral lymph nodes. other lesions included excess fluid in the abdominal cavity and petechial haemorrhages in the kidneys. vir ...19892715397
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