the prevalence of candida albicans-associated diarrhoea in buea, south west cameroon.a total of 362 stool specimens were collected from 184 and 178 patients presenting at the buea district hospital with and without diarrhoea, respectively. the samples were screened and cultured for candida albicans using standard microbiological procedures. of the 184 diarrhoeic stool cultures, 35.9% showed c. albicans overgrowth as indicated by count >or=10(4) cfl/ml. of the 178 non diarrhoeic stool cultures, c. albicans was identified in 23.6% of samples and counts were all <10(4) cfu/ml. an a ...200217298159
multi-drug resistant oral candida species isolated from hiv-positive patients in south africa and cameroon.candida species are a common cause of infection in immune-compromised hiv-positive individuals, who are usually treated with the antifungal drug, fluconazole, in public hospitals in africa. however, information about the prevalence of drug resistance to fluconazole and other antifungal agents on candida species is very limited. this study examined 128 candida isolates from south africa and 126 cameroonian candida isolates for determination of species prevalence and antifungal drug susceptibility ...201424726686
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