[analysis of diversity and identification of the genovariants of plague agent strains from mongolian foci].the genetic diversity of yersinia pestis strains from the mongolian natural plague foci has been investigated. a total of 32 strains isolated from western, eastern, and central aimaks, as well as from the territory of the gobi region, have been studied. twenty-four strains belong to the main y. pestis subspecies, while eight belong to other subspecies. there is only one strain of biovar medievalis (genovariant 2.med1) among the strains of the main subspecies, while the rest of the subspecies bel ...201526027368
[change in the habitat of yersinia pestis in the gorno-altaisk natural focus of plague].the paper analyzes the change that occurred in the habitat of the causative agent of plague in its gorno-altaisk natural focus in 1961 to 2012. since 1961 when the plague microbe was found to come from the southern slopes of the saylyugem mountain range, which are located in mongolia, to the northern slopes situated in russia, a gradual expansion of the habitat of yersenia pestis subsp. altaica had commenced in south-eastern altai. during the considered period, the area where epizootic manifesta ...201525812401
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