a sero-epidemiological study of arboviral fevers in djibouti, horn of africa.arboviral infections have repeatedly been reported in the republic of djibouti, consistent with the fact that essential vectors for arboviral diseases are endemic in the region. however, there is a limited recent information regarding arbovirus circulation, and the associated risk predictors to human exposure are largely unknown. we performed, from november 2010 to february 2011 in the djibouti city general population, a cross-sectional elisa and sero-neutralisation-based sero-epidemiological an ...201425502692
sentinel site-enhanced near-real time surveillance documenting west nile virus circulation in two culex mosquito species indicating different transmission characteristics, djibouti city, djibouti.the horn of africa represents a region formerly known to be highly susceptible to mosquito-borne infectious diseases. in order to investigate whether autochthonous wnv transmission occurs in the djibouti city area, in how far, and which of, the endemic culex mosquito species are involved in wnv circulation activity,and whether sentinel site-enhanced near-real time surveillance (sse-nrts) may increase wnv detection sensitivity, mosquito vector monitoring was conducted from january 2010 to june 20 ...201223214223
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