occurrence of aspergillus spp. and aflatoxin b1 in malaysian foods used for human consumption.malaysian population widely consumes the cereal-based foods, oilseeds, nuts, and spices in their daily diet. mycotoxigenic fungi are well known to invade food products under storage conditions and produce mycotoxins that have threat to human and animal health. therefore, determining toxigenic fungi and aflatoxin b(1) (afb1) in foods used for human consumption is of prime importance to develop suitable management strategies and to minimize risk. ninety-five food products marketed in penang, malay ...201122417376
assessment of relevant fungal species in clinical solid wastes.the study aimed to determine the fungal diversity in clinical waste samples from a healthcare facility in penang malaysia. different fungi species were detected in 83.75 % of the 92 clinical waste samples that were screened from different sections of the healthcare facility. one hundred fifty fungal isolates comprising of 8 genera and 36 species were obtained. they were purified by using single spore isolation technique. subsequently, the isolates were identified by phenotypic method based on mo ...201627417327
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