[human infection by intestinal protozoa and helminths in calbuco county, x region, chile, 1997].by the performance of parasitological examination of one fecal sample per individual, a total of 256 persons from a rural county in the x region (41 degrees 50 minutes south lat., 73 degrees 05 minutes west long.) were studied. the general rates of infection by intestinal parasite and/or commensal protozoa and helminths found were: giardia intestinalis 14.1%, entamoeba histolytica 11.7%, blastocystis hominis 36.0%, entamoeba coli 9.8%, endolimax nana 16.4%, iodamoeba buetschlii 1.2%, chilomastix ...19979497539
[intestinal parasite infections in rural students of chiloé archipelago, x region, chile].in order to contribute to the knowledge of intestinal parasite infection a survey was performed in 462 primary school children from eight rural localities sited in two islands of the chiloe archipelago. stool samples and perianal scotch tape scrapings for intestinal protozoa and helminths were microscopically examined. the prevalence rates of the main species found were: ascaris lumbricoides 43.3%, trichuris trichiura 26.8%, enterobius vernicularis 20.1%, entamoeba histolytica 5.6%, giardia inte ...19938110371
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