co-circulation of multiple genotypes of african swine fever viruses among domestic pigs in zambia (2013-2015).during 2013-2015, several and severe outbreaks of african swine fever (asf) affected domestic pigs in six provinces of zambia. genetic characterization of asf viruses (asfvs) using standardized genotyping procedures revealed that genotypes i, ii and xiv were associated with these outbreaks. molecular and epidemiological data suggest that genotype ii asfv (georgia 2007/1-like) detected in northern province of zambia may have been introduced from neighbouring tanzania. also, a genotype ii virus de ...201728299893
the distribution of african swine fever virus isolated from ornithodoros moubata in zambia.african swine fever (asf) has been reported in the eastern province of zambia since 1912 and is now considered to be enzootic there. a survey of the distribution of asf virus in zambia was carried out by virus isolation from ornithodoros moubata ticks collected from animal burrows in national parks and game management areas in northern, eastern, central and southern zambia. asf virus was isolated from ticks in all areas examined. the prevalence of infection in o. moubata was between 0.4% in sout ...19883215286
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