distribution of neutralizing antibodies to california and bunyamwera serogroup viruses in horses and rodents in california.neutralization tests were done on sera from 141 horses from high elevation regions of california. antibody prevalences to jamestown canyon, snowshoe hare, and california encephalitis viruses in the california serogroup and northway virus in the bunyamwera serogroup were 55%, 43%, 18%, and 46%, respectively. in 51 horses from rural low elevation regions, seroprevalences were 31%, 35%, 35%, and 37%, respectively. twenty-four horses from a suburban lowland area were seronegative, except for a singl ...19902107770
isolation of jamestown canyon and snowshoe hare viruses (california serogroup) from aedes mosquitoes in western massachusetts.three isolates of jamestown canyon virus and one isolate of snowshoe hare virus (california serogroup) were obtained from adult aedes females collected in western massachusetts in 1982. jamestown canyon virus was isolated from aedes abserratus/punctor once, and from aedes intrudens twice. snowshoe hare virus was isolated from aedes stimulans group mosquitoes. la crosse encephalitis (lac) virus was not isolated from 1,552 adult aedes triseriatus, nor from 22,557 aedes triseriatus larvae. however, ...19938350066
serological survey for antibodies to mosquito-borne bunyaviruses among us national park service and us forest service employees.serum samples from 295 employees of great smoky mountains national park (grsm), rocky mountain national park (romo), and grand teton national park with adjacent bridger-teton national forest (grte-btnf) were subjected to serological analysis for mosquito-borne bunyaviruses. the sera were analyzed for neutralizing antibodies against six orthobunyaviruses: la crosse virus (lacv), jamestown canyon virus (jcv), snowshoe hare virus (sshv), california encephalitis virus, and trivittatus virus (tvtv) b ...201626855300
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