a serosurvey of greater sage-grouse ( centrocercus urophasianus ) in nevada, better understand the potential avian diseases in greater sage-grouse ( centrocercus urophasianus ) in the great basin in nevada, us, we collected 31 blood samples march-april 2014 and tested for antibodies to eight viruses and two bacteria. specifically, sera were tested for antibodies to avian leukosis virus type a, b, and j (alv-a, alv-b, and alv-j, respectively), infectious bursal disease virus, infectious bronchitis virus, reticuloendothelial virus, avian influenza virus (aiv), west nile ...201727705104
pcr assay detects mannheimia haemolytica in culture-negative pneumonic lung tissues of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) from outbreaks in the western usa, 2009-2010.mannheimia haemolytica consistently causes severe bronchopneumonia and rapid death of bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis) under experimental conditions. however, bibersteinia trehalosi and pasteurella multocida have been isolated from pneumonic bighorn lung tissues more frequently than m. haemolytica by culture-based methods. we hypothesized that assays more sensitive than culture would detect m. haemolytica in pneumonic lung tissues more accurately. therefore, our first objective was to develop a p ...201424171569
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