current status of marek's disease in the united states and worldwide based on a questionnaire survey.a questionnaire was widely distributed in 2011 to estimate the global prevalence of marek's disease (md) and gain a better understanding of current control strategies and future concerns. a total of 112 questionnaires were returned representing 116 countries from sources including national branch secretaries of the world veterinary poultry association, vaccine, breeder, and production companies, as well as md researchers from various backgrounds. each country listed on a questionnaire was record ...201323901765
industry-wide surveillance of marek's disease virus on commercial poultry farms.marek's disease virus is a herpesvirus of chickens that costs the worldwide poultry industry more than us$1 billion annually. two generations of marek's disease vaccines have shown reduced efficacy over the last half century due to evolution of the virus. understanding where the virus is present may give insight into whether continued reductions in efficacy are likely. we conducted a 3-yr surveillance study to assess the prevalence of marek's disease virus on commercial poultry farms, determine ...201728665725
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