[anisakids and human anisakiasis. 2. investigation of the anisakids of commercial fish in the district of paris].1,173 fish belonging to 13 species were examined during 1986-1987, during a survey conducted among commercial marine fish in the paris area (france). anisakis simplex l3 were found in 10 different species, and most frequently in herring (clupea harengus) 82.55% of 682 fish, red fish (sebastes marinus) 86.11% of 36 fish, and hake (merluccius merluccius) 88.57% of 35 fish, and in high number (average 8.8, 18.4 and 31 l3 per fish). pseudoterranova decipiens l3 were recovered from 7 different specie ...19883190121
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