the psychosocial challenges of caring for patients with ebola virus disease.caring for highly infectious patients in biocontainment units is a new phenomenon, and little is known about the behavioral health of workers in this setting. this is a qualitative study exploring the unique experiences of workers involved in the care of patients with ebola virus disease (evd) at nebraska medicine during the 2014 ebola outbreak. twenty-one in-depth interviews were conducted focused on topics of personal memories, interpersonal experiences, stress response, and patient management ...201728192056
personal protective equipment processes and rationale for the nebraska biocontainment unit during the 2014 activations for ebola virus response to the ebola virus disease outbreak of 2014, specific procedures for personal protective equipment use were developed in the nebraska biocontainment unit for the isolation care of patients with the illness. this brief report describes the 2 different levels used for patient care and presents the rationales for the specialized processes.201626559735
lessons learned: critical care management of patients with ebola in the united states.this report will describe the preparations for and the provision of care of two patients with ebola virus disease in the biocontainment unit at the university of nebraska medical center.201525756410
the national ebola training and education center: preparing the united states for ebola and other special pathogens.the national ebola training and education center (netec) was established in 2015 in response to the 2014-2016 ebola virus disease outbreak in west africa. the us department of health and human services office of the assistant secretary for preparedness and response and the us centers for disease control and prevention sought to increase the competency of healthcare and public health workers, as well as the capability of healthcare facilities in the united states, to deliver safe, efficient, and ...201728636442
reflections on interprofessional team-based clinical care in the ebola epidemic: the nebraska medicine experience. 201525645479
nebraska biocontainment unit patient discharge and environmental decontamination after ebola care. 201525637433
nebraska biocontainment unit perspective on disposal of ebola medical waste. 201425465251
surgeon from sierra leone treated for ebola in nebraska dies. 201425406131
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