q fever. a call to heighten our index of suspicion.the prevalence of q fever infection is probably underestimated. in michigan, the first two reported human cases of q fever occurred in 1984. the case-patients lived in adjacent, rural counties and had multiple exposures to goats. we conducted a serosurvey of goat owners and a reference population to compare the prevalence of q fever antibodies in the two-county area. goat owners were almost three times more likely to be seropositive with q fever antibodies than the reference population (43% vs 1 ...19883341862
q fever cluster among raw milk drinkers in michigan, 2011.q fever is a zoonosis caused by coxiella burnetii, a unique bacterium that is widespread but infrequently associated with human illness or outbreaks. we report on evidence of infection with c. burnetii in a small group of regular consumers of raw (unpasteurized) milk from the same dairy in michigan.201222893578
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