coxiella burnetii infection in a community operating a large-scale cow and goat dairy, missouri, 2013.coxiella burnetii is a zoonotic pathogen that causes q fever in humans and is transmitted primarily from infected goats, sheep, or cows. q fever typically presents as an acute febrile illness; however, individuals with certain predisposing conditions, including cardiac valvulopathy, are at risk for chronic q fever, a serious manifestation that may present as endocarditis. in response to a cluster of q fever cases detected by public health surveillance, we evaluated c. burnetii infection in a com ...201626811433
low seroprevalence of coxiella burnetii in boer goats in missouri.goats are known reservoirs of coxiella burnetii, the etiologic agent of q fever. however, there has been very little research on the prevalence of c. burnetii exposure and risk in meat goats farmed in the us. banked serum samples were secondarily tested for c. burnetii specific antibodies.201424994554
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