estimated herd prevalence and sequence types of coxiella burnetii in bulk tank milk samples from commercial dairies in indiana.coxiella burnetii is the etiologic agent of q fever, a zoonotic disease causing influenza-like illness, pregnancy loss, cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue syndrome in people. c. burnetii is considered to be enzootic in ruminants, but clinical signs of infection do not always manifest. national studies have documented the presence of c. burnetii in dairy herds in indiana. this represents an opportunity to better characterize the distribution and prevalence of c. burnetii infection at the ...201526248712
a cross sectional study evaluating the prevalence of coxiella burnetii, potential risk factors for infection, and agreement between diagnostic methods in goats in indiana.coxiella burnetii is the etiologic agent of the zoonotic disease q fever and is considered to be endemic in domestic ruminants. small ruminants in particular are important reservoirs for human infection. serologic and molecular methods are both available for diagnosis of infection with c. burnetii, but there has been little research evaluating the prevalence of this organism in small ruminants outside of the context of clinical disease outbreaks. the objectives of this study were to estimate ser ...201626897246
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