epidemiologic study of bacteria zoonotic diseases in south dakota: 2010-2014.although the burden of infectious diseases has decreased dramatically due to advances in health care, disease prevention and numerous public health efforts and innovations, zoonotic diseases continue to pose a problem in terms of both existing and emerging diseases. these risks are of particular concern in rural areas, in which there is more contact with animals for occupational and recreational purposes. as a rural and agricultural state, south dakota has a large percentage of its population at ...201728813761
a case of silent q fever endocarditis.q fever endocarditis is a rare, culture negative endocarditis caused by coxiella burnetii, a spore-forming gram negative coccobacillus. presenting symptoms can be very non-specific; thus, diagnosis may be delayed. we present a case of a 65-year-old male patient with history of aortic aneurysm who complained of chronic fatigue. he was found to have aortic valve vegetation on routine echocardiography. q fever endocarditis was diagnosed based on elevated q fever serology; there was absence of fever ...201628810106
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