dances with anthrax: wolves (canis lupus) kill anthrax bacteremic plains bison (bison bison bison) in southwestern montana.bacillus anthracis, the cause of anthrax, was recovered from two plains bison (bison bison bison) cows killed by wolves (canis lupus) in montana, usa, without associated wolf mortality in july 2010. this bison herd experienced an epizootic in summer 2008, killing ∼ 8% of the herd, the first documented in the region in several decades. no wolf deaths were associated with the 2008 event. surveillance has continued since 2008, with research, ranch, and wildlife personnel diligent during summer. as ...201424484485
predicting disease risk, identifying stakeholders, and informing control strategies: a case study of anthrax in montana.infectious diseases that affect wildlife and livestock are challenging to manage and can lead to large-scale die-offs, economic losses, and threats to human health. the management of infectious diseases in wildlife and livestock is made easier with knowledge of disease risk across space and identifying stakeholders associated with high-risk landscapes. this study focuses on anthrax, caused by the bacterium bacillus anthracis, risk to wildlife and livestock in montana. there is a history of anthr ...201627169560
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