vector-borne pathogens in stray dogs in northeastern turkey.this experiment was carried out to attain prevalence and molecular characterization of pathogens causing canine vector-borne diseases (cvbds) including babesiosis, hepatozoonosis, leishmaniasis, filariosis (dirofilaria immitis, dirofilaria repens, and acanthocheilonema reconditum), ehrlichiosis (ehrlichia canis), and anaplasmosis (anaplasma platys) in stray dogs. the study material consisted of 133 asymptomatic female (n = 96) and male (n = 37) stray dogs (≤1 year old, n = 16 and 1-6 years old, ...201728632488
microscopic, serologic and molecular surveys on dirofilaria immitis in stray dogs, turkey.the prevalance of dirofilaria immitis infection was evaluated in stray dogs of erzurum, turkey. a total of 123 whole-blood and 93 sera samples were collected from stray dogs older than 6 months were lived in animal shelter. the pcr and direct microscopic examinations were used for the detection of microfilaria and indirect-elisa was performed for the detection of anti-d. immitis antibodies. the prevalence of d. immitis in the canine population was 8.1% by pcr, 2.1% by elisa. in addition, microfi ...201121757293
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