prevention and nursing care in the first case of ebola virus disease contracted outside africa.after the evacuation from africa to western hospitals of several international workers with the ebola virus disease, the first case of contagion outside africa occurred in madrid, spain. a nursing care assistant who had attended a missionary repatriated from sierra leone contracted the disease. on october 7(th) 2014, the patient arrived at the university hospital la paz-carlos iii in madrid. she remained in the hospital for 30 days, 25 of which were in strict isolation in a negative pressure roo ...201728041818
acute respiratory distress syndrome after convalescent plasma use: treatment of a patient with ebola virus disease contracted in madrid, the current epidemic of ebola virus disease, health-care workers have been transferred to europe and the usa for optimised supportive care and experimental treatments. we describe the clinical course of the first case of ebola virus disease contracted outside of africa, in madrid, spain.201526041403
first secondary case of ebola outside africa: epidemiological characteristics and contact monitoring, spain, september to november 2014.on 6 october 2014, a case of ebola virus disease (evd) acquired outside africa was detected in madrid in a healthcare worker who had attended to a repatriated spanish missionary and used proper personal protective equipment. the patient presented with fever <38.6 °c without other evd-compatible symptoms in the days before diagnosis. no case of evd was identified in the 232 contacts investigated. the experience has led to the modification of national protocols.201525613651
the psychosocial response to the ebola health emergency: experience in madrid, spain. 201525737372
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