high prevalence of antibodies against canine adenovirus (cav) type 2 in domestic dog populations in south africa precludes the use of cav-based recombinant rabies vaccines.rabies in dogs can be controlled through mass vaccination. oral vaccination of domestic dogs would be useful in the developing world, where greater vaccination coverage is needed especially in inaccessible areas or places with large numbers of free-roaming dogs. from this perspective, recent research has focused on development of new recombinant vaccines that can be administered orally in a bait to be used as adjunct for parenteral vaccination. one such candidate, a recombinant canine adenovirus ...201323867013
emergence of rabies in the gauteng province, south africa: 2010-2011.canine rabies is enzootic throughout sub-saharan africa, including the republic of south africa. historically, in south africa the coastal provinces of kwazulu-natal and eastern cape were most affected. alarmingly, outbreaks of canine rabies have been increasingly reported in the past decade from sites where it has previously been under control. from january 2010 to december 2011, 53 animal rabies cases were confirmed; these were mostly in domestic dogs from southern johannesburg, which was prev ...201323718320
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