fungal dissemination by housefly (musca domestica l.) and contamination of food commodities in rural areas of south africa.several insects that act as vectors, including houseflies (musca domestica l.), are often considered to be an important source of fungal contamination in human foods. houseflies are also involved in the transmission of bacterial pathogens that may pose a serious hazard to human health. thus, the rural population of south africa, as typified by that in the gauteng province investigated in this study, is at high risk from fungal exposure disseminated by houseflies and it is therefore important to ...201626544205
mycotoxigenic potentials of the genera: aspergillus, fusarium and penicillium isolated from houseflies (musca domestica l.).a study on the potential of houseflies (musca domestica l.) to spread fungal spores in gauteng province, south africa proved that houseflies are vectors for fungal spores. therefore, there is a need to determine the toxigenic potentials and to identify the mycotoxins produced by fungal isolates derived from this study. in total 377 potentially toxigenic isolates of aspergillus (186), fusarium (85) and penicillium (106) species (spp.) were isolated. these isolates were further tested for their ab ...201728042000
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