quantifying the risk of nosocomial infection within ebola holding units: a retrospective cohort study of negative patients discharged from five ebola holding units in western area, sierra leone.a central pillar in the response to the 2014 ebola virus disease (evd) epidemic in sierra leone was the role of ebola holding units (ehus). these units isolated patients meeting a suspect case definition, tested them for evd, initiated appropriate early treatment and discharged negative patients to onward inpatient care or home. positive patients were referred to ebola treatment centres. we aimed to estimate the risk of nosocomial transmission within these ehus.201727782349
ebola virus disease in children, sierra leone, 2014-2015.little is known about potentially modifiable factors in ebola virus disease in children. we undertook a retrospective cohort study of children <13 years old admitted to 11 ebola holding units in the western area, sierra leone, during 2014-2015 to identify factors affecting outcome. primary outcome was death or discharge after transfer to ebola treatment centers. all 309 ebola virus-positive children 2 days-12 years old were included; outcomes were available for 282 (91%). case-fatality was 57%, ...201627649367
changes in health-seeking behavior did not result in increased all-cause mortality during the ebola outbreak in western area, sierra leone.little is known about the residual effects of the west african ebola virus disease (ebola) epidemic on non-ebola mortality and health-seeking behavior in sierra leone. we conducted a retrospective household survey to estimate mortality and describe health-seeking behavior in western area, sierra leone, between may 25, 2014, and february 16, 2015. we used two-stage cluster sampling, selected 30 geographical sectors with probability proportional to population size, and sampled 30 households per se ...201627458039
ebola response in sierra leone: the impact on children.the west african ebola virus disease (evd) outbreak is the largest ever seen, with over 28,000 cases and 11,300 deaths since early 2014. the magnitude of the outbreak has tested fragile governmental health systems and non-governmental organizations (ngos) to their limit. here we discuss the outbreak in the western area of sierra leone, the shape of the local response and the impact the response had on caring for children suspected of having contracted evd. challenges encountered in providing cli ...201627177732
notes from the field: ebola virus disease response activities during a mass displacement event after flooding--freetown, sierra leone, september-november, 2015.since the start of the ebola virus disease (ebola) outbreak in west africa, sierra leone has reported 8,706 confirmed ebola cases and 3,956 deaths. during september 15-16, 2015, heavy rains flooded the capital, freetown, resulting in eight deaths, home and property destruction, and thousands of persons in need of assistance. by september 27, approximately 13,000 flood-affected persons registered for flood relief services from the government. on september 17, two stadiums in freetown were opened ...201626914633
[western area surge for controlling ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in sierra leone and evaluation of its effect].to investigate the western area surge (was) program in the ebola outbreak of sierra leone, and to analyze its implementing effect.201526813721
evaluation of a point-of-care blood test for identification of ebola virus disease at ebola holding units, western area, sierra leone, january to february 2015.current ebola virus disease (evd) diagnosis relies on reverse transcription-pcr (rt-pcr) technology, requiring skilled laboratory personnel and technical infrastructure. lack of laboratory diagnostic capacity has led to diagnostic delays in the current west african evd outbreak of 2014 and 2015, compromising outbreak control. we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of the evd bedside rapid diagnostic antigen test (rdt) developed by the united kingdom's defence science and technology laboratory, com ...201525846490
evaluation of the benefits and risks of introducing ebola community care centers, sierra some parts of western africa, ebola treatment centers (etcs) have reached capacity. unless capacity is rapidly scaled up, the chance to avoid a generalized ebola epidemic will soon diminish. the world health organization and partners are considering additional ebola patient care options, including community care centers (cccs), small, lightly staffed units that could be used to isolate patients outside the home and get them into care sooner than otherwise possible. using a transmission model, ...201525694150
impact of the ebola outbreak on routine immunization in western area, sierra leone - a field survey from an ebola epidemic area.since march 2014, the ebola virus disease (evd) outbreak in west africa disrupted health care systems - especially in guinea, liberia and sierra leone - with a consequential stress on the area's routine immunization programs. to address perceived decreased vaccination coverage, sierra leone conducted a catch-up vaccination campaign during 24-27 april 2015. we conducted a vaccination coverage survey and report coverage estimates surrounding the time of the evd outbreak and the catch-up campaign.201728446173
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