seroprevalence of heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) in feline and canine hosts from central and northern portugal.dirofilaria immitis is endemic in portugal. several studies have reported the presence of canine heartworm disease, although no previous studies on feline infections have been published. the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of d. immitis in cats and dogs from central and northern portugal. blood samples from 434 cats were tested for circulating anti-d. immitis and anti-wolbachia antibodies. furthermore, 386 dogs were tested for circulating d. immitis antigens. overall feline ser ...201524824176
prevalence and seasonal variations of canine dirofilariosis in portugal.dirofilariosis is a severe vector-borne emergent disease that is spreading worldwide and becoming a serious threat to human and veterinary public health. portugal, a mediterranean country, has favorable climate conditions for mosquito development and survival. at present, accurate data on the prevalence and epidemiological pattern of dirofilariosis in portugal is scarce and outdated. to study these trends, a project was developed to assess the current prevalence of dirofilaria immitis infection ...201425440945
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