detection of antibodies against fasciola hepatica in cirrhotic patients from peru.the prevalence of fasciola hepatica infection, in endemic countries, in patients with established cirrhosis is unknown. we hypothesized that, in endemic countries, the presence of fascioliasis may be detected in a serum pool of cirrhotic patients. forty-four previously stored serum samples of patients with established liver cirrhosis, in the hospital nacional cayetano heredia in lima, peru, were collected from 1998 to 2003 and assessed for hepatitis b, c and fascioliasis antibodies (fas2 elisa). ...200918817587
hepatic fibrosis and fasciola hepatica infection in cattle.this study focuses on the development of fibrosis of the liver of cattle with fasciola hepatica infection, correlating with the intensity of infection. animals with an established diagnosis of chronic f. hepatica infection were identified in a slaughterhouse in lima, peru. the study included 24 fresh cattle livers from infected animals and two uninfected controls. tissues were stored at 4 degrees c for approximately 8 h after which they were brought to a necropsy room and examined. between 9 and ...200717958928
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